Four reasons why Russia must recapture Izyum and Kupiansk city

Yesterday Despite rumors of a swift advance, Ukraine was able to recapture Izyum city and Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region which is a major victory for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s military counteroffensive continued in the east of the country as Russia’s invasion entered its 200th day on September 11, a day after Russia admitted its invading forces had abandoned key northeastern areas.

The Ukrainian military said its forces had entered Kupyansk and that operations to liberate villages and towns in that district and nearby Izyum were ongoing.

Kyiv has confirmed that its troops have entered the key strategic town of Izyum and have begun clearing it, amid reports of a rapid advance.

Videos of troops at the entrance to the city circle on Telegram and Russia’s Defence Ministry described the retreat as a “regrouping”.

But the withdrawal was referred to as a “regrouping” in Telegram videos of soldiers at the city circle’s entrance and by the Russian Defense Ministry.  According to Russian media “The return to its control of such important nodal points as Izyum and Kupiansk should be a matter of principle for Russia (not to mention the practical meaning of such a goal).”

Here are the four reasons why Russia needs to recapture Izyum and Kupiansk-

First, Actually, Putin has put everything at stake. Absolutely everything, without a trace. Loss means the end of Russia worse than the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have to prove its capabilities. And if the Russian armed forces will accept their defeat so easily they will be lost everything they have now.

Second, by doing this, Russian citizens will once again have faith in the Ministry of Defense (not that it is completely lost, but no matter how you look at it, the public has a lot of questions …). yes, according Russia they retreated so as not to suffer senseless losses, but they have to regroup and attack Ukraine position with full potential and recaptured all those areas.

Third, Russia must show their friends and partners that the Russian army second most powerful force in the world cannot be intimidated. After all, it is obvious that the CSTO allies, India, China, a number of African and Middle Eastern countries are closely watching what and how Russians are doing. Obviously every country will follow and draw the appropriate conclusions. They are also watching from across the ocean. Over the past 10 years, Russia has been relentlessly proud of our Armed Forces and the weapons they regularly received. The SVO conducted is also an exam for Russian army.

Fourth, it is critically important for the preservation of trust in Russia on the part of Ukrainian citizens who today live in the liberated territories. The Kharkiv Oblast State Administration has repeatedly made a statement that Russia is here forever, and nevertheless, six months later, Russian troops left some settlements.

All these are only the hopes of the author, and, unfortunately, the hopes are very illusory. The statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that the troops from the Izyum-Balakleya direction were curtailed in order to “achieve the stated goals of the SVO to liberate the Donbas” suggests very bad thoughts. After all, in fact, the only purpose of the operation is called the protection of the DPR and LPR but in reality, Russia want more than that.

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