Four weapons that the United States will never give to Ukraine

It has been commented that the US is not providing Ukraine with weapons that can directly harm Russia, but this is not constant and can change over time.

Although the United States has already aided Ukraine with more than $20 billion USD since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War in February this year, but according to military analysts, the US will not provide Ukraine with these following four types of weapon systems, despite many requests from Ukraine.

The first one in this list is the F-16 Fighting Falcon Single-engine, multi-role fighter aircraft. It is also the world’s most produced fixed wing fighter, the F-16 Fighting Falcon is one of the most advanced and successful single-engine, all-weather fighter. It is currently operated by the airforces of more than 27 countries.

But there are no chances of the F-16 to fly to Ukraine. Not only are there concerns about supplying the F-16 Fighting Falcon to Ukraine, it could provoke Russia, even taking the entire NATO into a large-scale war. But also the Ukrainian pilots are not trained to fly this jet, so Kyiv cannot use this aircraft to fight against Russia.

Instead of the F-16, the United States is actively looking for more and more soviet-era fighter aircrafts that could be provided to Ukraine, specifically the MiG-29 air dominance fighter.

Second weapon in the list is the American beast, the M1A1 Abrams series of highly-capable Main Battle Tanks, this is one of the most powerful weapon which Ukraine wants, this MBT is a battle proven weapon system and it has destroyed several types of armoured vehicles in wars.

While there has been talks about various types of MBTs send to Ukraine, the Abrams is another type of case, it is expected that the Abrams will create more problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine instead of new opportunities.

Ukrainians will need to be trained to operate this battle tank, keeping these MBTs operational will be a problem and of course russia will see this as a provoke to a big war.

Next in the list, is the Long-range rockets of the M270 and HIMARS Rocket Artillery Systems, specifically the ATACMS, this weapon will allow the Ukrainian Army to strike deep inside the russian territory, as deep as 300km. Ukraine may use these missiles to hit high-value targets in Russia, something that Washington do not want to happen. Because, ultimately these strikes will became the reason for WW3.

Finally, the last weapon in the list is the highly sophisticated Patriot air defense missile system, capable of shooting incoming ballistic missiles, is arguably one of the weapons that Kyiv needs as Russian Army continues to attack Ukrainian cities.

However, the Patriot defense system is connected to some of the most advanced and sensitive United States command and control networks it may also require United States Troops on the ground to effectively operate the system themselves, because of the highly advanced nature of the overall system.

The Biden administration is completely against the use of U. S. Forces inside Ukraine, and therefore there are zero chances that USA will give Patriot defense system to Ukraine.

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