Galwan Valley Clash: Pictures Of killed Chinese Soldier Out

A picture of a Chinese soldier’s grave killed in Galwan valley is going viral on social media. The picture of a tombstone identifying a Chinese soldier was shared on Chinese social media platform and is perhaps the first possible evidence of any Chinese casualty in violent Glawan valley clash on June 15.

The image was shared on a military forum describing in detail about the tombstone of the soldier, identified as Chen Xiangrong. The picture gained traction in India with many Twitter users sharing it widely.

Soon the picture had traction in India with many Twitter handles sharing it. Two Weibo accounts posted the picture in a military forum describing the tombstone of a Chinese soldier Chen Xiangrong.

The tombstone, written in mandarin, read, “Soldier of the 69316 troops, from Pingnan, Fujian.” “Tomb of Chen Xiangro. He was sacrificed in the struggle against India’s border troops in June 2020 and was posthumously remembered by the Central Military Commission.”

Written in Mandarin, the epitaph reads, “Tomb of Chen Xiangro. Soldier of the 69316 troops, from Pingnan, Fujian. He sacrificed his life in the struggle against India’s border troops in June 2020 and was posthumously remembered by the Central Military Commission.” The tombstone also says that the soldier who was KIA was born in December 2001 and was just 19-year-old.

Reports are there that the Chinese soldier who put a photo of the tomb has been sent to jail by the Xi Jinping government of China.

The post has now been deleted since having gone viral after the owner of the post was repeatedly asked for the source of the image. Earlier,

A former Chinese soldier and minister Yang Jianli said 100 Chinese died in  Galwan Valley Clash.

There have been various reports in Indian media speculating between 30 to 45 casualties from the Chinese sides but Beijing has never confirmed the reports. Later, China broke its silence and called all such Indian reports as “fake news”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who had repeatedly dodged questions on the casualties suffered by China since the incident occurred, and later reacted to the remarks of former army chief Gen (retd.) VK Singh who said that if India lost 20 soldiers, more than double the number were killed on the Chinese side.

Asked for his reaction, Zhao said – China and India are in dialogue and talks with each other to resolve this issue through diplomatic and military channels. “As for what you saw in the media, for example, some people alleged that casualties on the Chinese amounted to 40. I can tell you for sure this is fake news,” he said, without giving any further details.

So far, there has been no response from the Chinese government or the Army on the existence of the alleged tombstone, whose picture has gone viral on social media.

At least 20 Indian soldiers, including the commanding officer of the 16 Bihar infantry regiment Colonel B Santosh Babu, lost their lives in the PLA ambush.

The India-China standoff in eastern Ladakh started in early May and the deadlock continues with heavy mobilisation on both sides despite several rounds of disengagement talks between both sides.

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