German Street Interview: Who’s Stronger India or China ?

After the clash broke out between Indian and china in Galwaan valley , everyone rush to compare between Indian and china to who is better  stronger and trusted partner . Even countries want to make comparisons to see who is more developed and more respectable. German media was so curious , even they to go to the streets of Germany to interview, asking Germans : think India or china who is more powerful, and germans answer is really surprised. And the answer make Chinese media uncomfortable .

Many of the german passers-by interviewed said they thought life in India was better because Indians are freer and they have their own beliefs. The passers-by also said that even if China has grown better and better in recent years, it doesn’t mean ordinary Chinese are living a good life, and they even feel that Chinese is worst. Although there are some people who can correctly understand the international situation,  Westerners are actually closer to India compare to china because everyone knoes the evil communist china and after the chinese corona virus everyone see their true face .

india or china
india or china

One German, who also said he had traveled to India, said he had visited Indian colleges and universities and felt that India’s polytechnics were better and higher than those built by MIT, adding that walking in India’s high-tech districts felt like crossing the United States, and did not feel that there was any poverty in India, and that the Chinese countryside was completely unattainable.

After this statement a chinese media quote on this and said ” listening to his answer, he can see that although he personally visited the local situation, but did not consider from the whole, or his ideas are not really their own views, but the Western media subtly indoctricated into him” . 

This statement makes me laugh so hard , i mean really ? how can a foreigner will knows about China when your communist country will not allow them to visit every places of china . Like what they did with Chinese corona virus .


  1. Posting such one sided article to uplift the Indian morale won’t save us from the fact that China has a stronger economy i.e. 5 times that of India. And let’s not even talk about military capabilities as I know a lot of unnecessary arguments will occur from so called internet experts. Let’s distance ourselves from propaganda and start focusing on facts.

  2. Life if common man in India is definitely much better in terms of freedom of speech. In China there is no democracy so even slightest of dissendance is crushed by the police. Remember Tiananmen square incidence ? As also any news on corona virus origin news ? While in India any political party or students can openly slogan against other party or for that matter against unity of India. This can happen only in India.

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