Germany sends Patriot air defense system and 200 missiles to Ukraine.

Germany has announced the shipment of a Patriot SAM battery to Ukraine.

The delivery of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine will begin soon since the Ukrainian military has already completed a training course to work on these systems, which, among other things, was previously reported by Avia. Pro journalists.

 It is assumed that the Patriot air defense systems will be transferred to Ukraine by March, while Germany does not refuse further deliveries of anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine IRIS-T.

The supply of anti-aircraft missile systems “Patriot” to Ukraine was officially announced by the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany, Steffen Hebestrait. 

It is known that the delivery will include one battery – taking into account the fact that Germany is armed with full-fledged batteries of the Patriot air defense system, we are talking about the delivery of 8 launchers.

Considering that the United States will supply another battery of the Patriot air defense system for Ukraine, already in the spring, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be armed with 16 long-range air defense launchers.

Their intended deployment area will be in the central part of Ukraine to affect the airspace’s southeastern, eastern, northeastern, and northern parts.

What is IRIS-T

Short-range, infrared-homing, air-to-air missile created by German, Italian, and Norwegian researchers; abbreviation: IRIS-T (Infrared Imaging System Tail/Thrust Vector-Controlled).

It can protect against enemy planes and missiles with pinpoint accuracy and destroy a wide range of aerial and ground targets.

The IRIS-T has a sophisticated seeker for finding and following its target and a thrust vector control system for getting where it needs to go. It may be employed by various aircraft, including fighter jets, helicopter gunships, and drones, and has a range of roughly 25 kilometers (15 miles).

What is patriot SAM?

To protect against airplanes, drones, and tactical ballistic missiles, the Patriot is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. Radar, Command and control, and launch units are only some of the many parts that make up the Patriot system.

To counter aerial threats, one can deploy a Patriot battery, a movable unit that contains the entire Patriot system. A Patriot battery consists of several launchers, each armed with many Patriot missiles, and is normally deployed to a specific position to provide air defense coverage.

The US military and its allies have widely used the Patriot system, and it has a proven track record of effectively engaging a variety of air and missile threats.

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