How accurate is the Russian Kalibr cruise missile?

The Russian-made Kalibr cruise missile is a weapon that has attracted a lot of attention from around the world. Especially after the heavy use in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

The accuracy of the Russian Kalibr cruise missile has frustrated Ukraine and caused great damage to the Ukraine military equipments and based.

Recently, the Black Sea Fleet – Russian Navy carried out the first launch of Kalibr cruise missiles from the Kilo 636 submarine at ground targets of the Ukrainian Army, according to the announcement that all projectiles hit the target.

As a result, Russia has a new assault technique with Kalibr cruise missiles, which is a strike from below the sea, which make the launch undetectable many times over the launched from a surface ship, air-launched or land-based makes the kalibr cruise hard to intercept.

Earlier US President Joe Biden announced a number of new military aid packages for Kyiv in recent days with a total value of many billions of dollars. Similar initiatives are being carried out by other Western countries, so Ukraine has added a variety of weapons. But the more weapons Washington sent to Eastern, the more terrifying Russia’s combat systems became in response.

Recently, the Russian fleet from the Black Sea carried out a cruise missile attack and hit a cluster of military equipment transferred to Ukraine by Western countries, destroying millions dollars of equipment.

The Russian Navy only used four Kalibr cruise missiles to neutralize a large amount of Western weapons supplied to Ukraine. Many military equipment worth millions of dollars has been destroyed by a single attack with high precision.

According to sources, the Western military community is “not happy” with the high accuracy of Russian missiles and the damage they cause to their investments.

The range of the Kalibr missile allows the Russian Army to strike even the most remote bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located in the Western part of the country.

In addition to its large range, the Kalibr cruise missile also has a high degree of accuracy – a factor that is especially frustrating for Western countries, whose military aid to Ukraine is being turned into useless scrap.

“The European Union and the United States have been discouraged by Russia. A large number of advanced weapons donated by the West to Ukraine have been turned into scrap,” analysts from Russian media commented.

But in the opposite direction, the Western media, citing British and American intelligence sources, said that the Kalibr missile in particular, as well as many other Russian-made long-range missiles in general, have very poor accuracy. Which is far from what Russian media claims.

Specifically, according to NATO statistics, over 60% of Russian cruise missiles miss their targets, of which Kalibr is no exception when its hit rate does not exceed the general limit.

The reason is explained because Russia has not yet been able to manufacture high-quality military chips, but still has to depend on imported civilian products, which have very poor tactical and technical features.

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