How good is Su-25 ground attack aircraft that is currently in action in Ukraine Russia war

The Su-25 is thought to be a fighter with solid penetration capabilities. It uses its superior power to quickly inject bombs into the opponent’s heart, completing operations like bombing and dealing a devastating blow to the opponent.

the Su-25 is built to engage armored tank vehicles. Therefore, it prioritizes defensive, take-off, and landing performance, which the American-made A10 and similar fighters unmatch. The overall shape design emphasizes the heinous and frightening color, which corresponds to the aesthetics of Soviet aggression. The Su-25’s body is mainly built of aluminum alloy. It is made of special steel and has a higher high fighting resistance. As long as no key components are lost, the Su-25 can safely return to its side.

To improve the survival rate of pilots, the Soviet Union equipped the aircraft with titanium alloy bulletproof plates and bulletproof glass, which could resist the attack of machine guns and even artillery shells. It is worth noting that the plane has a hatch that opens to the right and is equipped with a boarding ladder and landing gear at the nose and fuselage, respectively.

From the perspective of aerodynamic layout design, the Su-25 has an upper wing structure. Its trailing edge is very straight, thus significantly enhancing low-speed flight performance. Due to the use of the R195 engine, the fastest cruising speed of the Su-25 can reach Mach 0.85. It is reported that the engine comes from the Humans Machine Design Bureau, and the thrust can get more than 45 kN. To reduce damage to the attack, technicians generally place bulletproof steel plates between the two engines, enhancing defense resistance.

It is worth noting that the Su-25’s engine can be loaded with different types of fuel and can also be equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks, which is more advantageous when performing field operations. The aircraft has an extensive wingspan area and can rely on the ten hanging points above to carry various weapons, equipment, and even people. The Su-25 is designed with four types of pods to meet different tasks, such as separately equipped with ammunition; the attack power is fantastic.
In terms of weapon configuration, the Su-25 has different rockets, such as the S8. Each ammunition has different compositions and powers and is prepared for various combat missions.

However, even with all these qualities, the Su-25 is an inferior ground attack jet then its American competitor, A-10 Thunderbolt.

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