How India’s ISRO bypass Russian Roskosmos

As we know, with the development of electronics, the size of space orbital vehicles has decreased significantly. Still, that electronics that used to weigh a couple of hundred kilograms and even tons, now easily fits in a case that weights hundreds of times less.

The size of Kubsat is so small that with due desire, almost any organization or even a private person can send such a device into space.

In short, Kubsats are the future of space and with the development of electronics this market will only grow.

In back India was only part of the club of space powers. The main work on the Indian space program began in the 90s. Then Russia provided significant assistance in the technology and design of future carriers.

The market of Kubsats for a long time was divided among themselves by the USA, the Russian Federation and China. Subsequently, China focused on its own launches, the United States was engaged in more global tasks, and the Russian Federation lost its piece of the pie, when India took up the launches of the Kubsats seriously.

For a decade, India has built what we have not been doing for a long time - Lunokhod
For a decade, India has built what Rusiian have not been doing for a long time 

I must say that not fools work in Roskomos, back in 2013 TsSKB-Progress prepared a detailed report with an analysis of the market for launches of small devices , but the conclusion was left without due attention. As we have said, it’s not fools who work, fools rule.

Today, India launched a planned offensive to where Russia 10 years ago hosted as in its own field.

For example, not so long ago, India seriously expects to pull a blanket of cooperation with South Korea , and not so long ago set a record for the launch of the Kubsats,pulnuv into orbit as many as 104 devices at a time.

Yes, at the moment, India has not yet launched man into space, but let’s be honest. The launch of astronauts into orbit with the development of electronics has become a matter of prestige rather than necessity.

But India has complete order with ambitions. India is working on its own shuttle, and also has a lunar program and even launches moon rovers to the moon, even through not always successfully.

In other words, by the end of 2020, those whom Russia has grown on its technologies are now climbing out of short pants and are seriously treading russian heels.

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