How much powerful is the Russian Sukhoi SU-30SM?

Su-30SM is currently Russia’s trump card in long-range air combat. Combined with the Su-35, this is the “backbone” couple of the Russian air force. Although a good number of these aircrafta has been shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defense Systems, but still these jets are one of the most capable aircrafts of the Russian Air Force.

Currently, Russia has more than 100 Su-30SMs, this is the “backbone” fighter that carries the superior power of the country’s air force next to the Su-35.

The Su-30SM belongs to the 4++ generation and is a variant of the Su-30MKI fighter produced by Sukhoi.

This type of advanced fighter is expected to be a “trump card” in the long-range combat system of the Russian Air Force.

Unlike the Su-35, the Su-30SM is designed with 2 seats, the co-pilot in the back sits a little higher than the main pilot.

This type of seating arrangement helps the pilot to easily observe, cover the surrounding situation and coordinate to handle complex situations.

The Su-30SM has a length of 21.9m, a wingspan of 14.7m and a height of up to 6.3m. This fighter has an empty payload of 17.7 tons, and the maximum take-off weight is up to 34.5 tons.

The Su-30SM is designed for the role of air superiority as well as precision strikes against ground targets.

To do this the aircraft is equipped with two AL-31FP two-way thrust vector control engines, with a total thrust of up to 25,000 kg.

With these two powerful engines, the aircraft can reach a speed of 2,100 km / h, it has a combat range of up to 3,000 km.

In addition to the 2D jet engine, the Su-30SM is also designed with a advanced design to help the aircraft become super maneuverable in air combat.

In addition to air superiority and ground precision strike capabilities, the Su-30SM can also conduct attacks on sea targets and carry out anti-electronic warfare and early warning missions.

Su-30SM is equipped with Doppler phased array radar NIIP N011M BARS with a detection range of up to 400 km, this type of radar can track 15 targets and destroy 4 of them simultaneously.

In addition, the Su-30SM is also equipped with a radar at the rear of the tail to track and detect threats coming from behind such as missiles and enemy aircraft.

About armament Su-30SM is capable of carrying up to 8 tons of weapons including cannon, missiles, rockets and bombs.

Su-30SM is equipped with a 30mm GSh-301 cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition.

There are 12 external weapon racks in all, which can carry a variety of weapons, including laser or heat-seeking guided missiles.

With weapons mounts, the Su-30SM can mount six medium-range air-to-air missiles R-27RE, R-27TE or Vympel RVV-AE or short-range missiles R-73.

These types of missiles will help the Su-30SM deal with four air targets at the same time.

Russia has put the Su-30SM in combat for the first time in Syria and obtained good results. In the Ukraine battlefield, Russia also launched a large number of these fighters.

Despite many victories, many Russian Su-30SMs were shot down by Ukraine.

The latest clip of the Russian Su-30SM shot down at the Kharkiv front on September 24 has been posted by Ukrainian media, currently the Russian side has not commented on this information.

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