How powerful is the original “North Wind God” strategic nuclear submarine?

Russia’s Borei nuclear submarine is currently Russia’s strongest nuclear submarine. In fact, our understanding of it is basically only from military news, but why can it make Western countries so afraid? In fact, many people have no way to give specific information Answers. 

In fact, the Borei nuclear submarine is very different from other nuclear submarines. First of all, we generally know that nuclear submarines need to sail to a certain sea area to cause substantial pressure on hostile countries, but the Borei nuclear submarine is simply It can pose a threat to Europe without going to sea.

If Russia’s North Wind God swags out to sea, it tells NATO countries: “You are going to be in danger.” Although this seems like a stalk, once the Borei goes to sea, Europe will not be too worried because if it wants to threaten, Russia can use other weapons, such as the Borei. The killer weapon feels like “killing a chicken with a bull’s knife.” From this point of view, we can see the terrifying ability of the God of the North Wind.


So why are Western countries so afraid of the God of the North Wind?

To talk about this issue, we first need to talk about the 16 “Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missiles” carried by the Borei. Although the number of such ballistic missiles is small, their quality is amazing.

The maximum range of this missile is 10,000 kilometers, and it can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads with an equivalent of 300,000 TNT. What’s even more terrifying is that the strike accuracy of this missile is about 150 meters.

 If Russia wants to use the Borei nuclear submarine to attack NATO countries, 96 Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missiles can carry a devastating blow to it with 960 nuclear warheads. A nuclear strike of this size is fatal for any country.

Secondly, the Borei nuclear submarine can hide in the depths of the sea for a long time; even if it launches a nuclear missile, there will be no sign. For example, the Russian nuclear submarine floating in the Arctic waters recently became big news; even the United States did not know How many Russian nuclear submarines have been deployed in the Arctic, so this “sudden” attack is much more terrifying than a real fight with real swords and guns.

Borei generally does not go to sea, but it will make NATO feel nervous once it does. More importantly, most of the time, Borei is on a mission, and NATO countries do not know it. In other words, Russia will only expose the location of the Borei God if it wants to let NATO know. It can be seen that NATO is very passive in this regard.

Another major killer feature of the Borei is the mute effect. According to the analysis of military experts in Western countries, the noise of the Borei is 108 decibels, which is even lower than the most advanced Ohio-class nuclear submarine of the US military. This decibel is difficult to monitor without knowing it, so it is not an exaggeration to say that the God of the North Wind is dubbed a “ghost of the deep sea.”

For Russia, the Borei is the backbone of the nuclear strike trinity. Whether it is stealth or sailing speed, it is the best among nuclear submarines. Although it has been born for decades, for nuclear submarines of other countries Still, it’s incomparable.

Let’s sum it up:

The Borei nuclear submarine has high strategic value. It has advanced stealth technology, can travel underwater for a long time, and has the ability to carry nuclear missiles. This makes it a highly strategic deterrent and can pose a threat to potential enemies.

In addition, the Borei nuclear submarine also has strong combat capabilities, can perform missions on a global scale, and has sufficient maneuverability and durability to adapt to complex combat environments.

Therefore, Western countries are concerned about Russia’s Borei nuclear submarine because of its strategic deterrence and combat capabilities, which make it an important factor that poses a threat to global security.

Whether it is the strategic nuclear strike capability or the political deterrence capability, the Borei cannot be replaced; at least among the underwater combat weapons worldwide, the Borei cannot be ignored by Western country’s threat.

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