How powerful is US Navy?

As we all know, the United States dominates the world can not be separated from a strong military strength. Globally, not only in the navies, army, and air forces number one in the world, but they also have real ace nuclear weapons. As the world’s largest military power, it also tops the list in annual military spending, at more than $700 billion. Variety of advanced weaponswith advanced performance, a huge number of “steel giants” gathered, eye-opening.

How many “warships” does the United States have in its hands? Let’s watch today. On the naval side, with a total strength of 500,000 men and women, about 280 warships and more than 4,000 aircraft, it is a significant drop from the 10,000 warships of World War II, but it is still far ahead of the curve. The U.S. Navy currently has seven fleets and 11 aircraft carrier battle groups, all of which are nuclear-powered aircraft carriers with tens of thousands of tons of drainage, including 10 Nimitz-class and one advanced Ford-class aircraft, and are at the heart of the global strategy and are invincible in the world today.

In addition to aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy’s surface ships are strong and world-class in performance, including two Blue Ridge-class amphibious command ships, 27 Ticonderoga-class cruisers, 68 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, three Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyers, more than 20 littoral combat ships, and many more. The U.S. amphibious assault ship is also currently the strongest, with two models in service, two U.S.-class, and 8 Wasp-class.

High-end players like Medi-Cal have never been bad money, and the submarine force is fully equipped with expensive nuclear-powered submarines, with 18 Ohio-class, three Seawolf-class attacks, 18 Virginia-class attacks, and 35 Los Angeles-class attacks in service. Many of them are still under construction, and the Pentagon has announced plans to build 12 new generations of Columbia-class strategic submarines, which will be the world’s strongest strategic nuclear submarines.

According to U.S. officials, the Colombian class will never need to replace fuel, because it will be equipped with a 42-year-old nuclear reactor, is expected to drain 21,000 tons, can carry 16 submarine-launched intercontinental nuclear missiles, theoretically enough to destroy a medium-sized country, netizens: such strength is chilling. So the U.S. Navy is really strong, not only in tonnage, quantity crushing other countries, its technology is also leading the world-class level. It can also be seen that the United States in order to maintain world hegemony, at all costs to make the world’s second country difficult to catch up.

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