How Russia aims to boost its navy to compete with US navy

Recently, Russia has resumed its navy development, and from this news, it can be seen that Russia wants to develop its military ambitions to compete with the US.

How Putin boosting its navy to compete with US navy

1. New Radar

In recent years, from the air, sea to the ground, the United States and Russia have conducted mutual reconnaissance and probing activities more frequently. Regarding the air confrontation between the two armies, the Russian armed force does not lose to the United States in terms of models, but Russia has been studying in detail how to detect incoming fighters in advance, specially stealth fighters

Recently, there has been good news from the Russian military industry, claiming to use radio waves of specific wavelengths to track the American F-35 stealth aircraft. This news is undoubtedly exciting for the Russian army, if they can detect F-35 stealth aircraft from long range, which will allow the Russian missile forces to respond. And this is undoubtedly bad news for the US military, after all, Russian missiles top notch.

f-22, f-35 leak to china
F-22 and F-35 fifth generation fighter of US

Russia’s “Radio Technology and Information System” Group President Yuri Anoshko stated at the “Army-2021” forum on August 26 that the Russian over-the-horizon radar “container” can rely on radio waves of specific wavelengths and it is effective against the US-made F- 35 stealth fighters and other stealth aircraft.

Anoshko said: “We can see all the aircraft in the sky by the radio wave wavelength of the’container’ work. Therefore, by knowing the base of the F-35 from public sources and knowing that they have completed the dispatch, It’s pretty safe to say that we can saw and track them.”

Regarding the other advantages of the radar, the manufacturer said that all types of targets within a distance of 10 to 1,200 kilometers and an altitude of 100 kilometers, including small and invisible ones, cannot escape its eye. The radar’s evaluation and determination of target motion coordinates and parameters are automatically completed, and it can simultaneously monitor and track 500 air targets. It can even work at -40 degrees Celsius.

The Russian side said that this radar has been deployed to the Arctic region, and then the Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East will also deploy this radar. By then, some fighter planes, drones, and various missiles will be discovered and destroyed in time. Russia’s Far East will become an impenetrable place.

2. New warship and Nuclear warship

Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov
Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov

Fortunately in the air, Russia has various types of fighter jets that can fight with any infiltration. But at sea, the Russian military is at a disadvantage compared with the United States and other Western powers. On the one hand, Russia’s geographic environment prevented the navy from being concentrated in one place. On the other hand, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, Russia did not allocate high-quality ship manufacturing plants because the excellent shipbuilding base was located in Ukraine. In addition, after the Crimean conflict with Ukraine in 2014, the relationship between the Kremlin and the West fell to a new low post-Cold War, which made it more difficult for Russia to start the shipbuilding industry again.

However, the Western sanctions against Russia have also made Russia realize that many naval technologies must be restored. Only in this way the problem of insufficient Russian naval vessels and too many old ships can be solved.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lavishly ordered 2 strategic ballistic missile nuclear submarines, 2 diesel-powered submarines and 2 cruisers from shipyards in Severodvinsk, St. Petersburg and Komsomolsk on the Amur River.

Putin said that we must enhance the strength of the Russian navy, develop the infrastructure of naval bases, and be equipped with the most advanced warships and weapons. “A Russia with strong sovereignty requires a strong and balanced navy.”

Since 2017, the Russian NPO-Saturn production complex has completed the development of the marine gas turbine M90FR, which has been successfully installed on the new-generation cruiser Admiral Gorshkov. After several years of operation, it has proved to be of good performance. Therefore, the M90FR will also Become a source of power for Russian medium-sized warships.

Putin said: “Many of Russia’s weapon systems are unique and there is no similar in the world. Some warships will remain unparalleled for a long time in the future.”

3. Hypersonic Missile

Zircon hypersonic missile during trial
Zircon hypersonic missile during trial

Recently, Russia also signed a supply contract with the military industry department for the purchase of “zircon” hypersonic missiles. This contract should not be underestimated, because there are no such products in the current world.

You know, “Zircon” is the world’s first hypersonic cruise missile capable of aerodynamic flight for a long time. During the flight, it uses its own engine to maneuver in the atmosphere. The maximum range is 1000 kilometers, up to 9 times the speed of sound.

Putin said at the end of June that the “Zircon” missile will be put into combat duty. The “Zircon” missiles will be assembled on some frigates, nuclear submarines, and guided missile cruisers, which is bound to greatly enhance Russia’s maritime combat capabilities. (Inoue Frog)

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