Huge Russian weapons are gathered in the Southern Military District, preparation for a big assault.

Six Russian heavy armored divisions entered the frontline to attack, and 40,000 tons of large-caliber artillery shells arrived at the front; everything is ready for a big battle of the Russian Army on the Ukrainian battlefield.

Just as Ukraine is making a statement about repelling the attack of the Russian army and continuing to launch counter-attacks in the southern region of Kherson province; But they didn’t know that a greater danger had quietly come.

On August 28, the US Pentagon conducted an analysis using image data from high-altitude reconnaissance satellites and came to the conclusion that the Russian military had finished making all necessary preparations for the upcoming major military operation. The Russian military had previously stopped attacking to reinforce its forces.

American reconnaissance satellites have detected large movements of the Russian Army into Ukrainian territory, and at least six heavy armored divisions have entered the Ukrainian battlefield.

Immediately, the US side asked Kyiv to urgently deploy the corresponding force. However, it seems that now the Ukrainian Army is still in a position of victory, as it has previously “repulsed” the attack of the Russian army in several directions, including Kharkiv and Sloviansk.

According to previous reports, the Russian military has reduced and slowed down the intensity and speed of their attack on the Donbas front, claiming it is to “minimize civilian casualties”.

However, according to the current battlefield trend, the Russian army is really outperforming the main force of the Ukrainian army with a small number of troops. Currently, the heavily equipped corps of the Russian Army has quietly entered the offensive starting position in Donbas and successfully cut off all routes of retreat of the Ukrainian troops here.

Currently, the defense of the Russian Army has been reinforced in the Kherson direction; At the same time, Russian troops from Crimea moved north, to support the encirclement of all Ukrainian combat troops, in the aforementioned areas.

It can be seen that the military intelligence provided by the US military is still very accurate and timely; But will the Ukrainian Army already in a passive position, still have the time and force to carry out the corresponding deployments?

According to the official information provided by the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, out of a total of 120,000 troops of 6 heavy armored divisions of the Southern Military District of Russia, were widely divided into two groups and mobilized.

The forward force consisted of 40,000 troops, supplemented with tens of thousands of tons of large artillery shells and reinforced by nearly 2,000 combat troops. In addition, six missile ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy are also ready to launch Kalibr cruise missiles to support attacks in this direction.

Regarding the air force, there are 120 fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force, including Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, and Su-30. Heavy bombers including  Tu-22M3, Tu-95, and Tu-160 strategic bombers were also prepared for long-range strikes.

It is not surprising that Russia has completed preparations for the fall campaign by regrouping its heavy combat units. It is predicted that Russia will continue to launch an attack on the defensive forces of the Ukrainian Army deployed in the Donbas region and southern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the declaration of a counter-offensive in the Kherson region of Ukraine continues to raise suspicion, as Kyiv has announced a major counter-offensive operation in Kherson for the past several months, but there has been no advance on the ground.

Late in May, the Ukrainian army launched a limited assault on Kherson, a province in southern Ukraine that Russia had held since the start of the conflict. They claimed to have suffered casualties and “forced the enemy to defend in unfavorable positions.” Kyiv regularly pledged to “re-overrun Kherson” in the months that followed in a massive, perhaps game-changing counteroffensive.

But how did this counter-offensive operation take place, until now still a mystery? The Ukrainian army raided ammunition depots, headquarters and strategic bridges in Kherson province with HIMARS rockets; but there has not been any forward advance in the infantry force.

In fact, the Ukrainian Army not only has a huge gap with the Russian army in terms of strength but also has a significant gap with the Russian army in terms of strategic planning and operational command. According to forecasts, if the Ukrainian Army does not try to consolidate its position this fall, it will face many difficulties in the following winter months.

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