IAF Bolsters its Transport Fleet with 56 Airbus C-295Ws

The Indian Ministry of Defense has signed an agreement with Airbus Defense and Aerospace Corporation in Spain to purchase 56 C-295W medium-sized transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

In a statement on September 24, the Indian Ministry of Defense said: “India has signed a contract with Airbus Defense and Aerospace Corporation in Spain for the purchase of 56 C-295W transport aircraft for the IAF”.

The announcement of the Indian Ministry of Defense stated: “It is a transport aircraft with a payload of 5-10 tons using modern technology, which will replace the outdated Avro 748 transport aircraft of the IAF. capable of operating on unfinished airstrips and has a rear ramp convenient for loading cargo and troops.”

According to the Indian Ministry of Defense, the acquisition of the C-295W will be an important step towards modernizing the IAF’s transport fleet. Under this agreement, 16 C-295Ws will be delivered by Airbus within 48 months of signing the contract and the remaining 40 aircraft will be jointly manufactured in India between the aerospace group and the defence industry. Airbus and Tata Advanced Systems Company (TASL) within 10 years of signing the contract.

C-295W is the latest variant of the C-295 medium-sized transport aircraft, the noticeable feature in this variant is the upward bend located at the two main wingtips, this has the effect of increasing the load. cargo weight, saving 4% fuel, allowing the aircraft to achieve longer range as well as operate more safely in complex mountainous terrain.

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