In a single shot 3 Russian weapon shattered, Russian weapons are no match against American weapons

Russia and Ukraine battle each other every day on a 1,000-kilometer front. One is the Russian army precisely destroying the Ukrainian equipment, on the other handthe Ukrainian army ambushing the Russian armored vehicles in the grove. The Russian army failed to completely defeat the Ukrainian army while the Ukrainian army still struggled to completely drive out the Russian army.

The reason why both parties face trouble is mainly that the modern battlefield monitoring capability is too strong. Whether it is the Russian army or the Ukrainian army, it is very difficult to mobilize the army without knowing it. The Russian tank cluster had just appeared on the battlefield, ready to carry out flanking encirclement, and the Ukrainian long-range guided artillery shells fired and completely destroyed the Russian advance.

Since the offensive of the Russian tank cluster on the outskirts of Kyiv has suffered heavy losses, the Russian army now does not dare to play like this anymore. If the Ukrainian army wants to gather troops to surround the Russian army, it will also have a very miserable fate in areas where the Russian army has superiority in firepower. In past we saw after several rounds of intensive artillery bombardment by the Russian army, the Ukrainian army was shattered.

Both sides lack large and rapid offensive means, leaving only firefights. See who can find targets quickly and who can hit them accurately. The recent battle was very exciting, the Ukrainian army destroyed her three Russian tanks with one of her shells.

Under the guidance of the Ukrainian military unmanned aerial vehicle, the Ukrainian artillery destroyed one Russian 2S5 Giatsint-S self-propelled howitzer and 2 Urals transport trucks filled with ammunition with a single shell. In fact, the Russian army got together, and as a result, a shell of the Ukrainian army hit the Russian ammunition truck, causing the ammunition truck to explode and blowing up all the Russian troops around.

Because the modern battlefield perception ability is getting stronger and stronger, even the traditional rocket artillery of the Russian army has become dangerous when it is positioned and violently launched. But due to more and more US-made anti-artillery on the battlefield of Ukraine, the uses of old Russian artillery became useless.

On the Donbas front, the Russian army had a BM-27 long-range rocket artillery position locked by the radar of the US anti-artillery, and was directly destroyed by the Ukrainian counterattack shell, leaving only a pile of parts. In fact, the Ukrainian artillery shells are not so powerful, the key is that the Russian rocket artillery position has too much rocket ammunition, and the explosion destroyed everything nearby.

And now, the gas pipeline explosion in Europe is even worse news for Russia. Blowing up the North Stream is equivalent to abolishing Russia’s internal strength, breaking Russia’s main artery, and the ruble will immediately begin to fall all the way, and the purchasing power will decline.

The bombing of Nord Stream forced wavering Europe to join the anti-Russian camp, especially Germany, which was hesitant to send tanks to Ukraine, as if it were more instigated than Ukraine, but in fact, it was afraid of not having cheap natural gas.

Germany and other countries will never be able to buy Russian gas in the future. Then you can only rely on natural gas from the United States and the Middle East. That was controlled by the United States. It is estimated that next year Germany will agree to aid Ukrainian tanks.

At the same time, the United States is also developing the industrial power of the alliance, and it is reported that the United States has ordered South Korean weapons and equipment for $2.9 billion. The weapons will be transferred to Ukraine through the Czech Republic. Now, in terms of the production of tanks, artillery, ammunition, South Korea’s industrial capacity has surpassed Russia’s.

Once the United States develops the industrial capabilities of Germany, South Korea, and other countries and puts them into the Ukrainian battlefield, the pressure on Russia will be very big. Judging from the current situation, Russia wants to compete with the entire Western camp for industrial production capacity.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia declined day by day, relying heavily on the energy sector, and competitive industries shrank to a few sectors such as military, machinery, chemicals, and agriculture. Although Russia has always considered itself a Eurasian power, Russia’s economic strength can only barely maintain around 10th in the world.

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