In a Very Short video, China showed the Tank of the fourth generation.

China has demonstrated the world’s first fourth-generation tank.
The latest Chinese armored fighting vehicle is the most promising of all existing types of tanks. As it became known, the reason for everything is the network-centric control system used here, which provides the crew with all the necessary information about targets and the enemy.

In a short video shown during the presentation of this tank, you can see that the heavy combat vehicle is equipped with modern means of data exchange, which makes it possible to exchange information right in battle quickly, and, as a result, more efficient operation of such tanks on targets. Remarkably, tanks can exchange data among themselves and with other military branches, such as artillery, aviation, etc.

At the moment, there is practically no information about the new combat vehicle. However, given the fact that such a tank is already being tested, this suggests that the PRC Armed Forces can receive such combat vehicles over the next two years, which can give Beijing a very serious advantage.

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