India buys 2,580 crore of home made rockets, can remotely suppress opponents

India’s military has launched another major operation to buy six regiments of long-range rockets at a high price. On Tuesday, India approved a military procurement deal to buy six regiments of Pinaka rockets and a full system of rocket launchers for $2.4 billion, Indian media reported on Tuesday. India points out that the arms sale contract strengthens the Indian armed forces’ ability to suppress opponents remotely, and that once equipped with these weapons, the Indian armed forces can instantly destroy a large number of enemy military targets.

Cost of Rocket

  • Pinaka Mk1 – ₹23 Lakh
  • Pinaka Mk 2 – ₹23 Lakh
  • Guided Pinaka – ₹70 lakh
Pinaka guided missile

The “Pinaka” rocket gun is India’s home-made multi-tube rocket launcher system, it has 12 rocket tubes, can be completed in 44 seconds, a round of firing. If the Pinaka rocket fires 12 “child bombs”, it will cover an area of 12 football stadiums. The rocket can use two different types of ammunition, with a range of 40 km when using Mark-I ammunition and 75 km when using Mark-II ammunition.

pinaka mk1 in exercise

At the same time, the “Pinaka” rocket gun also has a variety of combat modes, the first is automatic mode, the operator can use the fire control computer (FCC), to issue attack instructions, after the operator issued fire instructions, the rocket will be under the control of the fire control computer, aiming at the target. The second is stand-alone mode, the rocket’s launcher, which is not connected to a fire control computer, and the operator enters parameters in the console before firing them manually. The third is the long-range mode, where the operator can operate the rocket at a distance of approximately 200 meters outside the launch vehicle, giving long-range firing instructions to attack enemy targets.

These modes can be applied in a variety of environments, which makes the “Pinaka” rocket gun with strong compatibility. Of course, the pinaka rocket’s biggest bright spot is that it has the ability to fight on the plateau and can be used at high altitudes. India’s purchase of the Pinaka rocket is likely to also be based on border issues. The best part of this system is it is totally made by India.

Latest Acquisition

The acquisition wing of MoD has on Monday signed contracts with public sector entity Bharat Earth Movers Ltd and private players Tata Power Company Ltd (TPCL) and Larsen & Toubro (L&T) for the supply of six Pinaka Regiments to the Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army at an approximate cost of Rs 2,580 crore.

These six Pinaka regiments comprise 114 launchers with Automated Gun Aiming and Positioning System (AGAPS) and 45 Command Posts to be procured from TPCL and L&T and 330 vehicles to be procured from BEML. These six Pinaka Regiments will be operationalised along the Northern and Eastern Borders of our country further enhancing the operational preparedness of our armed forces. Induction of six Pinaka regiments is planned to be completed by 2024,” a statement from the MoD said.

The ministry has called this step a major boost to ‘Make in India.’ “This is a flagship project showcasing public-private partnership under the aegis of Government of India (DRDO and MoD) enabling ‘Aatmnirbharta’ in cutting edge Defence technologies,” it said.

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