INDIA getting ready to meet 500 tanks of a new generation of Russian-made T-14 Armata

India promised UVZ (Uralvagonzavod) to get rich and help accumulate funds. Soha (an online magazine in China) said who will become the world’s first supplier of tanks from Russia, namely the Armata T-14, this country will be India. Evidence has appeared that says that India is interested in Russian military equipment more than anyone else in the world. India extended the contract for the production of Russian T-90S tanks, and a document was made to purchase more than 400 T-90MS tanks (to be precise, 464 tanks), which underwent modernization and improvement. Now we have great power and strength.

Photo taken from Yandex open sources

“Armata” T-14 is fully ready for use in hostilities. Thus, India can support UVZ, so that the production of this equipment becomes – serial. The exact amount of the T-14 military unit that India ordered cannot be said, this is still being discussed. At the moment, we are talking about twelve units of the T-14 Armata, later a serial delivery will be organized, more than 400 vehicles. Nevertheless, these are not the 2,000 vehicles that were discussed in 2014-2015. The Chinese magazine portal says that India wants to buy more than 500 T-14 Armata tanks are planned to be purchased in 2021 year. In an article, Sohu says: “For India, this Russian tank will become a real gem.

Photo taken from Yandex open sources

But everything is not so simple and easy. UVZ says that the delivery of tanks to India can only be discussed when the plan of the T-14 tank is revealed and it is not classified. This is not the main problem, since the situation was similar with the supply of the SU-57 (Russian fighter), just to deliver the T-14 to India, you need to create a copy-modification of “Armata”. Example: T-90 tanks and the T-90S, SU-57 and SU-57E modification. Although such a modification was demonstrated at one exhibition in New Delhi.

Another problem is the USA. in 2016-2017, imposed sanctions for the purchase of equipment from Russia, India also falls under these sanctions, which is a huge problem.


  1. We all should our Bharath matha and it’s army and Modi ji and the people of this great all success in this war against liars and cheaters and backstabbers. The Chinese butcher of the world, that scumbag Xi Jin ping must be taught a lesson of his life.

  2. It’s now clear that China has made a great mistake by attacking India.
    Active support by major powers like USA, Russia, France,Germany and UK is a clear indication.
    It’s good that Pakistan is jumping in as this will give India chance to settle the ZKashmir Problem permanently.

    1. Really you can fix the problem permanently by giving it all to China. Wake up soon they will take AP from you too

      1. Hamid, salam aliekum, we will take care of AP unlike you chaps who gifted occupied Kashmir territory to the Chinese. You should worry about us taking back occupied Kashmir rather than AP. We will also ensure that Baluchistan is an independent territory within Pakistan. Through your debt trap with the Chinese they anyway own your soul. How does it feel like selling Allah to the Chinese heathen hordes.

      2. Haha don’t worry we are not pakistan to give oway our part of country . Wait and watch . We indians take our nation as a pride and china PLA have to pay a huge amount if they will try to harm our pride . Its not South China sea . Its our Himalayas . Will burn chinese *** if they will enter AP

  3. India should create new version of tank from T-90, if not than their is no use of getting technology of t90, India has already paid extra for getting tech in t90.
    Govt firm should use that n get new version or should give the technology to pvt sectors,
    Moreover catasa is problem of russia with USA, Russia should clear that problem and make India burden less in purchasing weapons.

    1. Yes, T14 will not live up to expectations. Russians just trying to get India to front it’s defense. Indians are intelligent, and fierce warriors. You should work on making your own equipment.

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