India’s MiG-21 is “BEAST”, shooting down the F-16 without any pressure : Russian Experts

Russian expert: India’s MiG-21 is not an antique aircraft, it is actually a four-generation aircraft, shooting down the F-16 without pressure!

The F-16 is very advanced, shooting down India’s antique MiG-21 in one go, the Pakistani general said in a recent message. But Russian experts have hit back, saying India’s MiG-21 has actually been upgraded to be a fourth-generation aircraft and is standard with a fourth-generation missile. The reason why the Pakistan F-16 was shot down was not only because of MiG-21 capabilities but also because the man who operated the F-16 fighter aircraft.

General of Pakistan.

Retired General Tufar, considered Pakistan’s best military pilot, said in an interview that Russian-made Indian fighter jets have little chance of winning the battle against Pakistani aircraft.

Referring to the air war over Kashmir last February, Tupal said Indian fighter jets could not cope with the formation of an invincible combination of light F-16 fighter jets and AIM-120 medium-range air-to-air missiles.

Indeed, in February last year, India’s MiG-21 and Pakistan’s F-16 air campaign turned out to be the exact opposite. An Indian warplane was shot down near the border between the two countries, crashed on Pakistani territory and the pilot parachuted. But in retaliation, India airforce MiG-21 launched an R-77 to shoot down an F-16, although the F-16 fell in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan general, the F-16 fighter was able to defeat a variety of fighters, including the Su-30MKI and MiG-21, for the main reason: “The Su-30MKI aircraft used by India and the very old MiG-21 aircraft, and the Pakistani Air Force used the F-16.” Because the Su-30MKI does not transmit data with the MiG-21, its radar cannot help the MiG-21 against Pakistani Air Force fighter jets. A Pakistani F-16 fighter jet fired an AIM-120 air-to-air missile during the air campaign, shooting down a MiG-21 in one go.

IAF mig-21
IAF MiG-21 firing a missile

Vladimir Tukhkov, a Russian military expert, saw the report but had a different view. Looking closely at the problem, he said it was clear that the Pakistani general, although a good military pilot, had the slightest grasp of his skills, but he did not know much about his opponents.

The MiG-21 in India is not an antique aircraft, Tukhkov said. The reason is that the Russian MiG-21 has been developed for three generations and was first adopted by the Soviet Air Force in 1959. Over the years, however, the MiG-21 has undergone many upgrades, apparently in three generations.

As early as 1972, the MiG-21bis was equipped with a secure communication channel, Lazur-M, through which target instructions found by ground radar commands could be transmitted to aircraft, Tkhkov said.

The Indian Air Force now uses MiG-21-93 fighter jets, which were modernized in 1993 and Tkhkov says belong to the fourth generation of the Russian standard. The aircraft is equipped with an absolute new type of esports, including the Kopye radar, and has even introduced helmet displays to replace weapons control systems. These aircraft are equipped with several modern missiles, some of which are used by Russia’s 4-plus-generation fighter jets, especially the R-77 medium-range missiles, which are no less than, to some extent, even more than the AIM-120 of the United States.

IAF mig and su-30mki
IAF mig and su-30mki

But Tukhkov said he acknowledged that the radar mounted on the MiG-21-93 could only detect the F-16 at a distance of 60 kilometers. The U.S. F-16 airborne radar has a longer range, and the F-16 Block 52 modified aircraft has a radar range of about 100 kilometers, but half of the F-16 fighters in the Pakistani Air Force are early F-16A fighters, and the F-16A AN/APG-66 radar model has roughly the same detection range as the MiG-21-93.

As a result, Mr. Tukhkov said, it is unlikely that the failure will be attributed to a technical flaw in the MiG-21. Even if the MiG-21 encounters the most advanced model of the F-16, as mentioned above, it still has a communication channel for receiving the target location. What’s more, missiles belonging to the 4th generation. Aircraft are driven by real people who can have different levels of training and flying skills. There are other subjective factors that can affect the outcome of air combat, so it cannot be said that the MiG-21 is not as good as the F-16.

In the case that the F-16A or even the Block 52 are likely to encounter an R-77 missile launched by the MiG-21-93, the opposite may be true, with the F-16 shot down.

India’s Su-30MKI shot down Pakistan’s F-16 in February 2019. The F-16 is highly mobile and carries a large number of weapons, and the F-16’s long-range missiles do not leave the Su-30MKI with the slightest chance. Said by Pakistani general.

This statement also makes Russian experts Tukhkov laugh.

Only this year Pakistan airforce lost its five aircraft including so-called advanced fighter aircraft JF-17.


  1. seems like IAF has opted Shame-free working style and to turn bottle towards to prove her victory , it has started writing such shit stories. IAF should Remember the historic humiliation

  2. Pakistanis and Russian thoughts are leading to a wrong conclusion  The truth is  Pakistan pilots were, not knowing how to use BVR missiles. F16 is an inferior plane as Compared to any Russian fighter planes Mig 21, Mig 29 and SU30.  It may be good for a dog fight and not suitable for the BVR missile. That is why it won against the F35 plane in a dog fight. F 35 is a useless fighter plane in that respect. Its ceiling is 50000 feet like f16. To use the BVR missile the fighter plane has to maintain a higher ceiling than the enemy plane to compensate for the gravitational force on the missile. So the most important point is the pilot’s judgement of the height he as to maintain before launching the BVR  missile. BVR missile is useless if the enemy plane is flying at a higher altitude. All the Indian fighter planes were flying at a higher altitude and used flares. One Pakistan BVR missile hit the Mig 21 because the pilot lowered the altitude to use the R 77 missiles against f16 which has longer range BVR missiles. It appears Mig 21 pilot did not adopt the method of Eagle catching its prey. He would have gone up instead of taken a turn as shown in one video. He did not use flares. So all the USA planes except F22& F15 eagle is not a match to the Russian plane used by India. Much hyped F35 plane is a waste as the ceiling is only 50000 feet. All the Russian planes fitted with Astra Mk1missiles having a range of 110 km can achieve air superiority over the enemy.

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