India Navy aiming to be top 3 naval powers in next 10 year

Indian defence minister Rajnath Singh said that the Indian Navy has a huge contribution in maritime and national security.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said the naval base being developed here under ‘Project Seabird’ should be Asia’s largest and he would try to increase the budget allocation for it if needed.

He also said that India should aim to become one of the top three naval powers in the world in the next 10-12 years.

“I was curious to see and understand it before going to Project Seabird. I am happy to see Karwar up close and can say that my confidence in this naval base has increased,” said Mr. Singh.

Addressing the officers and sailors of the Indian Navy, he said, the completion of the project will not only strengthen India’s defense preparedness, but will also further strengthen the country’s trade, economy and the humanitarian assistance it provides.

He said, “It is said that it will become the largest naval base of India, but I have not said only of India, we wish that it should become the largest naval base in Asia and I would like to increase the budget allocation for this if needed.” I’ll try.” .

Shri Singh along with Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh conducted an aerial survey of the project area and sites before reaching INS Kadamba helipad.

Stating that during the aerial survey of the project, he can see its future, the Defense Minister said, adding that the future of this naval base is “very bright” and the credit goes to the officers and sailors.

“I have also seen the country’s first sealift facility, which will improve our maintenance compared to before… That’s why I say this naval base is different from the rest,” he said.

Noting that India’s strength is increasing, Mr Singh said, “…India is now one of the five major naval powers in the world, we should aim to be among the top three in the next ten to twelve years.”

The Indian Navy has a huge contribution to maritime and national security, Mr Singh said.

He said that not only him, but those with knowledge of security issues believe that in future the Navy will play the most important role in the security of the country.

Citing the role played by the Navy in the past in the liberation of Goa, and the Indo-Pakistan wars, he said the Navy has a role in improving diplomatic relations and recalled the service rendered by it during the COVID pandemic, Who has received appreciation from other countries also

“Some countries have come closer to us, it is because of you,” he said, adding that not only as a defense power, the Navy has also protected the country’s global interests.

Highlighting the role of the Navy in improving trade and cultural ties with other countries, Mr Singh said, “We have 7,500 km of coastline, 1,100 islands, 2.5 million sq km of Exclusive Economic Zones which are important in the development of the world. Can play a role. With the help of our capabilities and capability.”

“Sometimes we forget our potential in the face of other global powers…with courage we can achieve things, with courage we can achieve victory during battles, not just because of ammunition “

He said, “You must have seen, we have proved it (win with courage). This time, I don’t want to take any names, you are aware, it is in our defense forces.”

Noting the role of the Navy in maintaining peace and development in the Indian Ocean region, and in realizing the PM’s vision of ‘SAGAR’ (Security and Growth for All in the Region), Mr Singh said, at a time when the economic And as political relations are changing rapidly, the Indian Navy needs to be strengthened further.

“We have to be ready for the future, we have to improve our capability and capability,” he said.

There is no dearth of coordination between the three armies of the country, “but we have thought of doing it better.” Mr. Singh said that the Defense Ministry is also making some reforms.

Speaking on self-reliance in the defense sector, he said 64 per cent of the capital procurement budget would be for domestic procurement only and several changes have been made in the defense acquisition process.

Shri Singh said that out of 48 ships and submarines being procured, 46 are being built at Indian shipyards.

The Defense Minister is also scheduled to visit Kochi to review the progress of the indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) construction there.

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