India successfully test fired next generation light weight torpedo from Il-38SD

The indigenously-instrumented Advanced Light Torpedo (TAL), developed by the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL), succesfully cleared its maiden flight trial with a parachute system from the Indian Navy’s Ilyushin Il-38 maritime patrol aircraft on Monday.

This was the country’s first such trial where the indigenous lightweight torpedo was fired from a fixed-wing aircraft.

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The lightweight torpedo was designed, developed, produced and inducted into services a decade ago and is used against underwater platforms as part of anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

To enhance the range of quick acquisition of the target, the Navy scheduled the launch of TAL from fixed-wing aircraft of the Navy, for precise attacks at desired locations.

The torpedo, along with Torpedo Release Mechanism and Fire Control System, are designed and developed by the NSTL.

The torpedo, on safe separation from the aircraft, descends with the help of a parachute and the TRM detaches the parachute, enabling the torpedo to continue its operation in waters. The parachute is designed by ADRDE, Agra. The TAL can track multiple targets simultaneously using state-of-the-art processor-based signal processing algorithms.

DRDO Advanced Light Torpedo (TAL) 'Shyena'
DRDO Advanced Light Torpedo (TAL) ‘Shyena’

The trial team, led by Principal Project Director R.V.S. Subrahmanyam and other members from NSTL and ADRDE Agra, participated in the trial along with the Indian Navy.

NSTL Director Dr O.R. Nandagopan congratulated the team and acknowledged the participation of the Indian Navy and other DRDO establishments such as ADRDE, ADE, and CEMILAC.

Advanced Light Torpedo (TAL) ‘Shyena’ developed by India’s DRDO and currently used by the Myanmar Navy and the Indian Navy…
Shyena is electrically propelled, and can target submarines with a speed of 33 knots in both shallow and deep waters. It is designed to be capable of launching from a submarine, helicopter or from a triple-tube launcher on surface vessels.
It can operate at depths of upto 540 meters and has self-homing, i.e. it can home in on targets by passive/active homing and explode on impact. Once launched, it can perform pre-programmed search patterns for available targets. The torpedo weighs around 220 kg. Shyena carries a High explosive warhead of 50 kg.
Shyena is a processor based torpedo which incorporates solid-state electronics, digital technology and has been equipped with an integrated Active/Passive sensor package for homing. Its key design feature are maneuverability and ability to transition from warm to cold medium to ensure a hunt and kill.

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