Indian Air Force Su-30MKIs to get Israeli I-DERBY ER BVRAAMs

According to recent reports published by the Indian Defense Research Wing, Indian Air Force is soon going to Arm its Su-30MKI fighters fleet with deadly long-range varient of the Israeli Derby Beyond Visual Range Air-to-air missile equipped with Active Radar Seeker. I-DERBY is powered by a dual-pulse rocket motor engine, the missile can eliminate aerial targets upto the range of 100 to 140km.

I-DERBY Air-to-air missile contains built-in electronic countermeasures which are specifically designed to deal with the emerging challenges in aerial combat in a hostile environment. The Israeli missile has good operational flexibility and is already cleared to be mounted on the HAL Tejas.

After the Astra MK1 BVR integration, I-DERBY will further boost Su-30Mki fleet Air-to-air missiles arsenal. The Indian Air Force has already planned to slowly phase out Russian-developed R-77 BVR Missiles. The Astra MK1 and I-DERBY missiles are better than russian missiles. These two missiles can destroy aerial threats beyond 100km and also features two-way communication system which makes these missiles very difficult to jam.

IAF has also planned to integrate Astra Mk2 (160km) and Astra Mk3 (340km) long-range and very long-range air-to-air missiles by 2030.

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