Indian Air Force unveils its new indigenously manufactured combat uniform on the occasion of 90th IAF Day

The Air Chief Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Vivek Ram Chaudhari revealed the new digital camouflage pattern designed combat uniform for the IAF ground personnel. After the Indian Army the IAF has now switched to digital camouflage uniform, leaving the older uniform designs.

On Saturday morning on October 9, on the occasion of the Indian Air Force 90th IAF day, the IAF unveils its new indigenously manufactured combat uniform which is specifically designed for use by the ground personnel of the force. This new uniform has digital pixelated combat designs, replacing the older organic patterns. The new uniform is designed with the IAF’S ground personnel operational tasks in mind. The new uniform set includes a combat T-shirt, a new web belt, a new cap, a new boot pattern and a new turban pattern.

The new uniform was unveiled on the occasion of the 90th IAF anniversary celebrations in Chandigarh. This is also the first time that IAF anniversary celebrations were held outside New Delhi.

Most combat forces and military powers in the world has introduced digital camouflage pattern uniforms. These designs allow the Armed Forces personnells to move with greater flexibility in any type of terrain.

The Indian Air Force celebrates its foundation day every year on 8 October. Air force bases in India hold parades and air shows to mark this day. The Air Warrior Drill Teams often performs on this day.

The Indian Air Force was officially established on 8 October 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire which honoured India’s aviation service during World War II with the prefix Royal. After India gained independence from United Kingdom in 1947, the name Royal Indian Air Force was kept and served in the name of Dominion of India. With the government’s transition to a Republic in 1950, the prefix Royal was removed.

What is Digital Camouflage Combat Uniform Pattern?

The Universal Camouflage Pattern or digital camouflage pattern is a military camouflage pattern originally used by the United States Army in their Army Combat Uniform. The pattern was chosen after laboratory and field tests from 2003 to 2004 showed it to provide the best concealment in many different operational environments. Its pixelated pattern is similar to the MARPAT and CADPAT camouflage patterns used by the United States Marine Corps and the Canadian Armed Forces, respectively.

Currently a large number of armed forces in the world uses the Digital Camouflage Combat Uniform Pattern. Examples includes Australia, Chile, Iran, Malaysia, India, etc.

In India the digital camouflage is used for urban operations only by MARCOS commandos and PARA SF earlier. Some units of Bihar regiment is also seen wearing them at super-high altitudes. The digital camouflage pattern is also indicated as a standard issue camouflage pattern for Indian Air force personnel on 8 October 2022 marking 90 years of Indian Airforce.

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