Indian Airforce deployed Tejas aircraft in Kashmir against Pakistan Jf-17

LCA “Glorious” fighter has finally welcomed the first real-life deployment of its service. The Indian Air Force’s 45th Flying Knife squadron of LCA fighters has been deployed to the western front airbase near the border with India and Pakistan. This is the first real-life deployment of the LCA Shining fighter in service.

srinagar airforce base
Srinagar Air Force Base, India, is located on the front line of India and Pakistan

Sources declined to give specific locations for the first operational deployment of LCA fighter jets, but according to the military map, the most suitable for the deployment of LCA fighters in the western front of India and the ground can be counted over the airbase, the deployment of LCA fighter Srinagar airbase in Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Air Force 51st fighter squadron location. Srinagar Air Base is located in Kashmir, just 46 kilometres from the Line of Control, is the closest to the Indian airbase in eastern Pakistan, and is the most well-equipped airbase in the western border area of India, the Indian Air Force’s Su-30MKI fighter aircraft was briefly deployed at the base at a time of tension on the Indian border.

LCA tejas
Satellite image of The 45th “Flying Knife” fighter squadron of the Indian Air Force’s LCA fighter.

The LCA fighter, which was deployed to Srinagar Air Force Base, is from the Indian Air Force’s 45th Flying Knife fighter squadron, based at Surul Air Force Base in Tamil Nadu, southern India. The 45th Flying Knife fighter squadron only replaced the LCA fighter in 2016 and will be stationed at Surul Air Force Base in 2018. Surrey Air Base is 2,500 kilometres from Srinagar Air Force Base, the LCA fighter pre-deployed to Srinagar Air Force Base, the 45th “Flying Knife” fighter squadron of THE LCA fighter almost through the north and south of India, is a more difficult transition.

Pakistani Air Force JF-17 fighter jets deployed at Skadu Air Force Base in POK

The 45th Flying Knife Squadron LCA fighter will face the JF-17 fighter from the Pakistani Air Force after being deployed to the India-Pakistan border area. At Skardu Air Force Base, Pakistan’s factor area of Control in Kashmir, Pakistan deployed the 33rd Joint Force’s 14th “Tail Axe” squadron, equipped with JF-17 Block II fighter jets. Photographs released recently by the Pakistani Air Force show the squadron’s JF-17 Block II fighter jets carrying live ammunition for combat patrols at Skadu Air Base, a straight line between the two bases, which is only 160 kilometres away, with a good chance of hitting the surface. In February 2019, the Indian Air Force’s 51st Fighter Squadron MiG-21 at Srinagar Air Force Base was shot down by a Pakistani Air Force fighter jet,in retaliation the same Mig-21 shot down a Pakistan F-16  and it is not known if the two air forces clash again in Kashmir.


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