Indian army and Chinese army face off again, Indian army brings its latest equipment

Indian army and Chinese army face off again somewhere in LAC. A picture posted by the Indian army Trishakti corps in their Twitter page.

After years of silence, Indian army and China’s PLA Army face off again in LAC. Currently, we failed to identify the exact location of the standoff but by looking at the terrain it must be somewhere near Ladakh.

Just a few hours back Indian Army Triskati corps posted an image face of between Indian army soldiers and Chinese army soldiers. In this picture, it can be shown Indian Army TATA QRFV stand against a PLAGF Dongfeng EQ2050 somewhere at LAC. The distance between two army vehicle was only a few meters

It should be noted that It a habit for China to infiltrate other nation territories. Currently, China have problems with nearly every neighbor country.

Just a month back Indian Army received these new TATA QRFV armor vehicles. The TATA Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (QRFV) is an armoured personnel carrier with mine protection. QRFV comes in a 4×4 configuration. Apart from Indian army also deployed TATA kestrel WhAP vehicle which is recently inducted to Indian army.

India is increasing its military presence near the disputed sections of the border with China in the eastern part of the Ladakh region, transferring additional aviation units and preparing to deploy a new batch of S-400 anti-aircraft missiles, which it will soon receive under a contract with Russia, Indian media reported on Monday.

According to The Economic Times, the Indian air force transferred and deployed combat aircraft at border airfields in eastern Ladakh, including the latest Rafale multi-purpose fighter jets, recently acquired from France.

In addition, in the coming months, the Indian military plans to deploy a second battery of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, which are supplied by Russia under the $5.5 billion contract of 2018.

The first batch of S-400 systems is already deployed in the northeastern part of India, with the capacity to repel air attacks from both China and Pakistan.

In the Ladakh region, which witnessed clashes between Chinese and Indian troops in 2020, fighter aircraft of the Chinese air force continue to fly regularly in close proximity to the line of actual control, despite the fact that the issue of stopping such flights was discussed at the recent 16th negotiations of the parties, according to The Economic Times.

Last month, India again asked China to remove its military personnel and dismantle their tent camps on two disputed sections of the border, and stop the flights of the Chinese military in the areas, as well as stipulate the return to the Indian side of the right to patrol the border.

However, the parties could not achieve significant progress on the settlement of relations and the withdrawal of troops, only confirming some agreements reached at the negotiations last year.

Due to the lack of progress in resolving the situation on the border, and the continued presence of deployed formations of the Chinese armed forces on China’s side of the border, India has also increased the presence of its troops and military equipment on its part of the border area.

Ladakh is a separate region of India, which borders Southwestern China and Nepal. The region is one of the least populated in India.

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