Indian Army jawans broke neck of PLA soldiers

Faces of 18 PLA soldiers smashed with stones

Using the most “primitive fight methods” ever, Indian soldiers, who launched the most brutal counter-attack against the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Galwan valley after their Commanding Officer Col B. Santosh Babu was knocked down, ended up snapping the necks of at least 18 Chinese soldiers and smashing their faces with stones, some beyond recognition. The 16 Bihar soldiers were reportedly joined by the ‘Ghatak’ troops and unleashed a reign of terror, unheard of in modern military history.

Inputs from multiple sources gathered by Deccan Chronicle suggested that the PLA had a tough time handling the bodies of their soldiers, many of whose limbs were broken or severed. The bodies were scattered all over the ridge and the nearby gorge. The “primitive fighting methods” by the Indian troops using stones, sticks and bayonets against the enemy indicated that the soldiers were merciless in their attack the moment their commanding officer fell.

Initially, over 60 of them charged towards the PLA soldiers and launched a counterattack. Minutes later, as word spread about the Colonel’s death, the Bihar Regiment is said to have been joined by the Ghatak troops, who are experts in close quarter battle and spearhead assaults ahead of the battalion. Together, they chased down at least 18 PLA soldiers. “Some had their necks dangling from their bodies while those whose faces were smashed with stones were beyond recognition. Our soldiers too were attacked brutally but the counter-attack by Indian troops was as brutal as it could get,” sources said adding that the soldiers were chanting war cries as they avenged the death of their CO. As the attack and counter-attack went on for over four hours, a few soldiers snatched the swords and rods from the Chinese troops and used it against the enemy.

Sources said that many PLA soldiers tried to escape to the nearby mountains and the soldiers who were chasing them ended up in the custody of PLA as their troops had multiplied. They are among those who were were released on Friday.

The Indian troops had reportedly unleashed a reign of terror, unheard of in modern military history.

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