Indian army will soon sign a contract for 118 Arjun mk1A

According to recent reports, the Indian Army has sought additional 118 units of Arjun MBT for its armored corps. It marks Army’s further step towards promoting the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Indian Army already has 242 Arjun mk1 Tanks in its service.

As per defense reports, the Indian Army has sought two regiments of the new indigenous Arjun 1A tank. DRDO has developed them and it incorporates 71 improvements from the original version. The Defence Acquisition Council and the Cabinet Committee on Security will have to clear it. The deal is worth Rs 8,956 crore, not just for the tanks but also, spares and servicing.

It should be noted that the Army already has two regiments consisting of  124 Arjun Mk.1 and 118 Arjun Mk.1A tanks in its service. While the T-90, a Russian designed armored vehicle, is the Army’s MBT or main battle tank, the Arjun is being considered suitable for use, particularly in the southern Rajasthan area, in the Thar Desert.

Tank movement in the Punjab and northern Rajasthan is now more difficult because of urban settlements, canals, and the increase in vegetation. It should also be noted that Pakistan recently inducted  240 VT-4 tanks which are considered to be one of the best in the world.

In addition to This, Five indigenous anti-tank weapons are in the final stages of development, top government sources said. They include the Nag anti-tank guided missile, its standalone version called SANT, the HELINA, or the one delivered from helicopters. There will also be an MPATGM or the man-portable version as well which can use Arjun’s gun barrel.

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