India to deployed Indigenous LCH attack helicopter near Pakistan border

In the direction of becoming self-reliant in the defense sector, the first indigenous attack helicopter LCH of the Indian Air Force will be deployed in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, close to the Pakistan border. On October 3, Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) will be formally inducted into the Air Force in Jodhpur in the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. The LCH has been developed by HAL, an indigenous defense undertaking.

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) headed by PM Modi had approved the purchase of 15 indigenous Light Attack Helicopters (LCH) in March this year. These helicopters have been purchased from HAL for 3387 crores. Of these, 10 helicopters are for the Air Force and 5 for the Indian Army.

Features of LCH

The Light Combat Helicopter ie LCH Helicopter weighs about 6 tons. At the same time, the weight of Apache is about 10 tons. Due to the low weight, it can takeoff and landing with its missiles and other weapons even in high altitude areas.

The LCH attack helicopter can carry ‘Mistral’ air-to-air and air-to-air missiles specially sourced from France. The LCH has two pods of 12-12 rockets of 70 mm each. Apart from this, a 20 mm gun is installed in the nose of the LCH, which can rotate in any direction in 110 degrees. All the features of the cockpit are displayed on the helmet of the pilot.

LCH made after 15 years of hard work

India had made up its mind to prepare the LCH indigenous attack helicopter since the Kargil war. At that time, India did not have such an attack helicopter that could destroy enemy bunkers at a height of 15-16 thousand feet. But that project got approval in the year 2006. After the hard work of the last 15 years, this Light Combat Helicopter, LCH has been prepared.

LCH equipped with lethal features

Let us tell you that India may have recently bought Apache Advanced Attack Helicopter from the US, but even Apache cannot take off and land on the peaks of Kargil and Siachen. At the same time, due to being light and having special rotors, LCH can carry out its missions even on such high peaks.

According to HAL i.e. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the LCH has such stealth features that it will not be easily caught in the enemy’s radar. If an enemy helicopter or fighter jet locks its missile on the LCH, it can also dodge it. Its body is armored so that there will be no significant effect of firing on it. Even the bullet will not have any effect on the rotors.

Trial from Siachen Glacier to Desert

Trial of these indigenous LCH helicopters has been done from Siachen Glacier to Rajasthan desert before being fully prepared for the Indian Air Force. During this, a sufficient amount of fuel and weapons were also engaged in the LCH. Even before formally joining the Air Force, two LCH helicopters have been deployed on the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh.

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