India’s Dynamatic Technologies to Provide Tools to Build American T-7A Jets

India’s Dynamatic Technologies Ltd has announced it bagged a Boeing-Saab contract to provide tools for T-7A Red Hawk program.

“Dynamatics Technologies has been awarded a contract for the delivery of tools for Static and Fatigue Testing of the control surfaces of the Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk Program. The T-7A Red Hawk is Next Generation pilot training system designed for the U.S. Air Force,” the company tweeted September 24.

T-7A Red Hawk

The T-7A Red Hawk introduces capabilities that prepare pilots for fifth generation fighters, including high-G environment, information and sensor management, high angle of attack flight characteristics, night operations and transferable air-to-air and air-to-ground skills.

India’s Dynamatic Technologies to Provide Tools to Build USAF T-7A Jets

“The Red Hawk offers advanced capabilities for training tomorrow’s pilots on data links, simulated radar, smart weapons, defensive management systems, as well as synthetic training capabilities,” Acting Secretary of the Air Force Matthew Donovan had said in September 2019.

The T-7A’s design includes provisions for growth as requirements evolve for additional missions such as an aggressor, light attack / fighter variant.

The jet will include stadium seating, an advanced cockpit and digital fly-by-wire flight controls. It employs a General Electric F404 engine and has a wingspan of 30.60 feet, a length of 46.93 feet and a height of 13.55 feet.

India’s Dynamatic Technologies to Provide Tools to Build USAF T-7A Jets

The T-7A features twin tails, slats and big leading-edge root extensions that provide deft handling at low speeds, allowing it to fly in a way that better approximates real world demands and is specifically designed to prepare pilots for fifth-generation aircraft. The aircraft’s single engine generates nearly three times more thrust than the dual engines of the T-38C Talon which it is replac

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