India’s underwater combat power has been improved! Fifth Scorpene class submarine delivered to Indian Navy. 

According to a report on The Times of India website on December 21, India’s gradually depleted underwater combat force received a major boost on Tuesday, and the fifth “Scorpene” class submarine, “Vajir,” was delivered. Navy and will enter service next month.

India’s Mazagon Dockyard Co., Ltd. has cooperated with France to implement the “Project 75” plan. The Indian Navy has so far commissioned four “Scorpene” class submarines – “Tiger Shark,” “Kandri,” and “Kalanj,” And “Villa.” The sixth and final ship, the Waghir, will be delivered next year.

According to reports, in addition to these submarines, the Indian Navy’s conventional underwater fleet has only six old Russian “Kilo” class submarines and four submarines from the German Howalt Shipyard. 

As for nuclear submarines, India has only one operational SSBN (the Navy’s name for nuclear-powered submarines carrying nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles) – the “Arihant” nuclear submarine, and the second SSBN “Ali Ghat” will soon be with it Fight alongside.

The Scorpene-class submarines will provide a much-needed welcome supplement. They feature superior stealth characteristics such as advanced sound-absorbing technology and low radiated noise levels. 

They are equipped with long-range homing torpedoes, anti-ship missiles, and advanced sonar and sensor suites.

“The ‘Vajir’ started sea trials on February 1 this year. Compared with the previous submarines, it completed all the major tests in the shortest time, which is very proud,” said an officer. 

He also said: “Building a submarine is a complex activity as it becomes more difficult when all equipment needs to be miniaturized and meet strict quality requirements. 

The ‘Vajir’ is the third ‘Scorpene’ to be delivered to the Navy within 24 months, a major achievement.”

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