Inside Russia”s Multilayer security At Khmeimim Air Base, Syria

It became known what the Russian Khmeimim airbase is armed with multiple air defence system and electronic warfare system.

Over the years, the Russian Khmeimim airbase has turned into a real impregnable fortress capable of repelling powerful air and missile attacks from almost any enemy. Nevertheless, it became possible to visually find out what kind of weapons are present at the Russian military airfield, and this really surprised the Network.

In the presented photograph you can see the affected area of ​​the Russian air defense systems located at the Khmeimim airbase. This includes the world’s longest-range S-400 air defense systems, S-300 complexes, Pantsir-S air defense missile systems and Tom-M2 air defense systems. In addition, the airbase has various kinds of electronic warfare systems capable of fighting almost any targets at distances of up to 300 kilometers, which indicates that any aggression against Russia in Syria will be instantly suppressed.

Among other things, journalists draw attention to the fact that despite several Syrian Pantsir-S complexes destroyed by Israel, Russia is still actively using them, from time to time using the Tor air defense missile system to work over long distances.

“If the Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system were incapable of intercepting targets, then it would be replaced by the same Tor-M2, but the Russians do not. The Pantsir / Thor ratio at the airbase is 6 to 1. (…) The Russians are interested in deploying a serious defense, because the threat of a strike on the base is real, ”the journalist concludes.

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