Iran begins to deploy ballistic missiles in Syria to retaliate against Israel

Iran has begun deploying ballistic missile launchers in Syria.

The Israeli aggression against Iran on the territory of neighboring Syria resulted in a very unpleasant surprise for the Israeli military. As it turned out, a few days ago, a military convoy of the IRGC arrived in Syria, which delivered launchers designed to deliver ballistic missile strikes to an Iranian military base in eastern Syria.

“On Friday,  in the largest military base in the Syrian territory ,   the Iranian military delivered a platform designed to launch rockets. The source confirmed that the arriving platforms are not equipped with missiles, as Iranian forces are reportedly planning to send missiles shortly. He stressed that the militias had placed platforms in warehouses and underground storage facilities for fear of attacks or bombing. Iran plans to build special bases for platforms to launch missiles from the ground, and then return them to their main sites underground, ”the  Syrian news outlet Zaytun reported.

Quite remarkable is the fact that ballistic missiles can already be deployed in Syria, in particular, they could have been delivered to the Khmeimim airbase during a series of mysterious flights of Iranian military cargo aircraft to the Russian airbase, with the aim of further transferring these weapons to others. regions of Syria.

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