Iran blows up an Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman

Iran blew up an Israeli ship with a sea mine.

A few hours ago, in the Gulf of Oman, a powerful explosion occurred on board an Israeli naval vessel, as a result of which the ship received serious damage to the hull and deck. According to the Israeli TV channel “11 Kan”, citing information from the Israeli intelligence service, the explosion occurred as a result of the detonation of a sea, presumably magnetic, mine, and the Iranian special services are behind the explosion itself.

“The investigation continues. The ship and crew are safe. Two holes with a diameter of about 1.5 meters formed, but it is not yet clear to us whether this was caused by rocket attacks or mines attached to the ship. No engine damage, no casualties among the crew. We have no idea if this incident is related in the past due to tensions between Iran and the United States, or if there is a connection with the fact that the owner of the ship is an Israeli. Although the details of the incident remain unclear, there is a real likelihood that the event was the result of the asymmetric actions of the Iranian military , ”Israeli TV channel 11 Kan reported .

In the photographs presented, you can see the consequences of the incident – in the hull of a sea vessel, you can really see serious damage and the resulting one and a half meter holes.

The Iranian side has not yet officially commented on the accusations against it, however, experts draw attention to the fact that the IRGC forces would hardly be able to operate freely in the waters of the Gulf of Oman.

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