Iran close to buying Su-35 from Russia with a record speed of delivery

Iran close t0 order 32 Su-35s, will be delivered to Tehran in January or February, earlier many countries turn away from Russia’s Su-35.

Iran has begun sending training pilots to fly Su-35 fighter jets in Russia. According to the latest information, it is possible that Tehran has decided to buy 32 Su-35 fighters from Russia.

It is noteworthy that all the fighters could be delivered to Iran in January or February this year. This completely excludes the advantage of the Israeli Air Force, compared to the Iranian Air Force.

According to preliminary information, this number of Su-35 fighters is expected to be delivered to Egypt, but this country refused the contract (although this is only unofficial information). Thus, these fighter jets may arrive in the hands of an “unusual customer”; expected to be Iran.

Turkey’s TRT TV channel reported: “Tehran plans to buy Su-35 multi-role super-maneuverable fighter. The seriousness of Iran’s intentions is shown by the fact that the Iranian Air Force has selected more than thirty pilots to learn to fly the Su-35 in Russia.

Experts say that if Moscow and Tehran come to an agreement this January, preparations will begin almost immediately. Another separate issue is Iran’s request to extend and modernize two dozen MiG-29 fighters and 25 Su-24MK attack aircraft, in the service of the Iranian Air Force.

Currently, neither Moscow nor Tehran has commented on the information about the supply of Russian Su-35 fighter jets to the Iranian military; but the possibility of Iran buying Su-35 fighters is very large. Currently, the requirement to provide heavy fighters, besides Russia, Iran cannot rely on any other supplier.

And if Iran possesses Su-35 fighters, this will cause concern to Israel, as the Israeli Air Force regularly threatens to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities with its air force. At the same time, Iran’s possession of Su-35 will change the military balance in the region.

While the sale of Su-35 to Iran is in a favorable direction, many defense partners have turned away from Russia’s Su-35. According to Western media, following Indonesia’s refusal to buy Su-35 aircraft, countries such as Algeria and Egypt also gave up this type of fighter.

The removal of the Su-35 by three key defense partners one by one has an extremely negative effect on the popularity of Russian fighters and could lead to a significant reduction in the potential export of Su-35 fighter aircraft.

According to the latest information, Algeria previously intended to buy a large batch of super-maneuverable fighter jets Su-35 from Russia; but because the Su-35 is not equipped with active electronically scanned array (EASA) radar, but only passive phased array radar (PESA), Algeria has decided to refuse to sign a contract with Russia on the purchase Su-35.

The same situation happened with Egypt, which is said to have planned to buy at least 24 Su-35 fighter jets, to make Russian fighters the main backbone of air supremacy of the country’s air force. However, in the experimental combat battles, the French Rafale fighter (available in the Egyptian Air Force) suppress the Su-35’s radar by use of an electronic warfare system on the aircraft; so the Russian Su-35 immediately ceased to be of interest to Cairo.

According to The Aviation Geek Club, “There are more and more indications that Egypt will never receive the Su-35 fighter jet. The first reason is due to US pressure, because Washington annually gives Cairo 3 billion USD (including about 1.7 billion USD in military aid); Therefore, Egypt will hardly have the opportunity to buy fighter jets from Russia.

Another reason is that there is information for that. The Egyptian Air Force tested the Irbis-E radar (of the Su-35), against the electronic warfare system of the Rafale fighter, but was completely defeated by the French Rafale fighteralthough there is no independently confirmed information.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the above information, but it is clear that in the past few months, foreign defense partners have canceled orders for more than 50 Russian Su-35 fighters. This is extremely damaging to the reputation of Russian aircraft.

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