Iran declares its readiness to strike Azerbaijan, deploys Tank and stealth drone

Iran threatens to strike at any point on the territory of Azerbaijan. Tehran wants to send a message to Baku that “we know what you are doing.” And Iran has done this before.

Against the background of provocations organized by Azerbaijan, the Iranian authorities for the first time threatened Baku with missile artillery strikes and stealth drones. This happened after the rather harsh rhetoric of the Azerbaijani authorities against Tehran and the authorities of the Islamic republic.

Iran is extremely dissatisfied with the policies of both Turkey and Azerbaijan, emphasizing that it is Ankara that is responsible for the actions of Baku, and if Azerbaijan’s good-neighborly relations cross the red line, then the Iranian artillery forces are ready to attack the territory of Azerbaijan.

Iran’s media has begun to up the rhetoric against Azerbaijan, with a headline claiming that Baku has “denied the presence of the Zionist regime near the border with Iran,” a claim that appears to contrast with its insinuation that Israel’s close relationship with Azerbaijan is a threat to Tehran.

“Turkey, obsessed with the illusion of the restoration of the Ottoman Empire, is playing with fire. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan with a “rotten rope” is throwing itself into the abyss of big problems. The capital of the northern neighbor is within the reach of the artillery of the Iranian armed forces (if they go beyond friendship) , ”said Iranian MP Ardashir Mottahari.

The day before, the Iranian military sent a huge unit of military equipment to the border with Azerbaijan – the no. was more than 100. Moreover, we are talking about heavy armored vehicles, artillery pieces, missile systems, MLRS and air defense systems. This indicates the fact that Tehran’s statements are very serious.

Against the background of the provocative military exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Iran was forced to demonstrate to the Azerbaijani side its readiness to use force immediately, having worked out strikes with cruise missiles on Baku. This is evidenced by the appearance of seven Shahed-191 attack unmanned aerial vehicles near the borders of Azerbaijan, which flew in a northeastern direction, i.e., towards Baku.

In the video footage presented, you can see how Iran worked out striking Baku in fact in two waves of attack – initially four Shahed-191 attack drones followed, followed by three more Shahed-191 drones. It is noteworthy that earlier Iran, with the help of such drones, attacked terrorists of the “Islamic State” (a terrorist group banned in worldwide

At the moment, the situation on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran is so tense that experts point to the likely imminent start of clashes between the two countries, especially if Baku makes a mistake and carries out a very serious provocation against Iran affecting the national security of the Islamic republic.

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