Iran uses drones to threaten US forces in Syria.

Several drones attacked the US garrison in Tanf, Syria, last week.

US-backed Syrian fighters reside in this region. It is located in a desert region of Syria, not far from the Jordanian-Iraq border. Most of it is a desolate outpost built during the Syrian civil war to help Syrian rebels waging war against ISIS.

There are also civilians in this region. In the past, Tanf has been a frequent target of drone strikes by the Syrian government and pro-Iranian fighters. Several drones were used in the most recent assault.

An attack on a US garrison damages a hospital.

According to an internet report from a pro-Syrian opposition account, a medical clinic was attacked. It is difficult to verify these reports. One of the attacks was discovered using open-source accounts.

The “Free Syrian Army and Coalition Forces” have retaliated against numerous drone strikes, according to a statement released on January 20 by the US-led coalition combined special operations joint force. According to that statement, three drones had attacked the town. 

They dubbed the drones “OWUAS” or “one-way unmanned aerial systems,” and two were shot down. The third landed near the garrison. Attacks of this nature will not stop our continued operations in the mission to combat ISIS, according to a spokesman named Captain Jonathan Ferror.

Journalist Hussam Hammoud declared on Twitter that an Iraqi militia “connected to Iran” had admitted guilt. The “Al-Warithin Brigade” said in a statement that it was trying to drive US forces out of the area.

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