Iranian stealth drone flying over American military bases

An Iranian stealth drone flew unhindered over American military bases in Iraq and Syria.

The Iranian news agency Tasnim reports that the IRGC has deployed its tactical unmanned aerial vehicles Shahed 171 (copy of the American RQ-170 – The latter allegedly crossed unimpeded Iraqi airspace, apparently in agreement with the Iraqi authorities, flying over at least two American military bases, and then entered Syrian airspace from the Al-Tanf base, also controlled by the Americans, and successfully launched a series of missile attacks against terrorists.

According to the Iranian news agency Tasnim, the Shahed 171 stealth drones were regularly used to target Islamic State terrorists in Syria, while it is known that unknown drones were actually recorded over Syria, which indicates that that information on this matter is confirmed at least indirectly. Moreover, earlier Iran published a video of strikes on the territory of Syria using its drone, and the strike itself could only be delivered from the airspace of Iraq.

Iran showcases Shahed 181 and 191 drones during "Great Prophet 14" Exercise  - The Aviationist

As for the capabilities of the Iranian Shahed 171 simorgh, it is quite clear that American air defense systems are not even able to detect such drones, let alone hit them.

The Shahed 171 Simorgh (sometimes S-171) is an Iranian jet-powered flying wing reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) produced by Shahed Aviation Industries.

It is a full-size copy of the American RQ-170 UAV captured by Iran.[2] It is one of two Iranian flying wing UAVs based on the RQ-170, along with the Saegheh, a smaller version, with which it is often confused.

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