Iran’s Mohajer-6 UAV Joins entered Ukrainian battlefield, strikes Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk

The Iranian-made Mohajer-6 long-range attack drone has power that cannot be underestimated. There is information that this type of weapon first appeared in the Ukraine conflict, controlled by the Russian military.

The Iranian-made Mohajer-6 long-range UAV is capable of carrying a variety of guided weapons, including bombs and short-range missiles, with a maximum of 4 ammunition for each type.

The Mohajer-6 operates surveillance and shares the same optoelectronic system with the Shahed 129 drone, allowing it to search for targets at a range of 12 km and lock at a range of 10 km.

Iran is one of three countries that have put stealth drones into operation, while the Russian defense industry has not had much success with attack drones.

On the Ukrainian battlefield, Russia has experimented from medium-sized Orion UAVs, which will soon bring the heavy Sirius and Altius-RU to the battle, besides suicide UAVs such as the Lancet or Kub but they all failed to damage Ukrainian troops and does not meet tactical requirements.

Therefore, buying Iranian drones is a step to help Russia quickly overcome this weakness.

In exchange for a large number of Iranian drones (it is reported that the number is up to thousands), Russia is said to be rushing to perform a contract to supply dozens of Su-35S multi-role fighters to Iran.

The Mohajer-6 capability is only the second step towards the deployment of a fleet of Iranian-made drones with much more advanced tactical capabilities to serve the needs of the Russian Army.

Previously, transport aircraft of the Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had made several flights to Russia since mid-September and are believed to be carrying large numbers of drones.

After the Shahed 136 suicide drone, Iran’s Mohajer-6 long-range UAV is said to have begun operating on the Ukrainian battlefield in the role of fire support for the Russian Army.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry accused the drone of taking part in the attack on targets in Odesa and Dnepropetrovsk, although details were not provided.

The Wall Street Journal was among a number of Western sources reporting “severe damage” from sorties carried out by the Shahed 136 UAV, after citing statements from Ukrainian officers.

While the Shahed 136 is a single-use weapon that uses its own body as a means of transporting warheads to strike a target, the Mohajer-6 offers a less expensive and at longer range similar to TB2 UAV operated by Ukraine.

It is not yet clear whether the impact of Iranian drones on the battlefield will be pronounced, or to what extent the number of UAVs will be deployed.

It should be emphasized that Iran has equipped itself with high-end drones, including the Shahed 191 and other flying wing stealth designs, which have proven to be highly survivable in combat and counter-attacks. Air defense network is much more capable than Ukraine.

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