Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled the latest Scorpius E.W. systems

Scorpius is the world’s first electronic warfare (E.W.) system capable of simultaneously striking multiple targets in many frequencies and orientations. as claimed by the IAI.

The electronic battlefield has increasingly become the “key hand” that affects the war’s outcome. The performance of the electronic warfare system will directly affect the outcome of warfare. According to a U.S. website report, Israel Aerospace Corporation (IAI) has launched a new electronic warfare system Scorpius that can be used in sea, land, and air equipment. The system can effectively deal with various land, sea, and air threats. It can implement electronic jamming for multiple targets in different directions and frequencies simultaneously, realizing a “revolutionary” breakthrough in electronic warfare technology.

In November last year, Israel Aerospace Corporation (IAI) officially announced the successful construction of the new “Scorpius “-G (ground) and “Scorpius “-N (sea) systems, which were born before the “Scorpio” series. Two more complete systems, “Scorpius “-S.P. (self-defense) and the training version “Scorpius “-T. “Scorpius “-G is mainly used for air defense operations. It can simultaneously carry out electronic “soft kill” on multiple air targets and realize mobile deployment based on military delivery vehicles.

Scorpius is a “breakthrough” next-generation platform based on Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology that can combat a broad spectrum of threats.

Missiles, communication lines, drones, ships, and radars with a low possibility of interception are among the threats.

The multi-beam capacity of Scorpius’ AESA allows the system to “simultaneously scan the entire surrounding region for targets, and launch narrowly focused beams to interfere with various threats across the electromagnetic spectrum” according to IAI. The business claims that Scorpius can successfully disrupt radar and electronic sensors, navigation, and data connections.

“Scorpius “-N is mainly responsible for early surveillance and positioning of some potential targets, adequate early warning, and countermeasures against targets such as anti-ship missiles and drones. “Scorpius “-S.P. is mainly carried in the electronic pod, which can implement electromagnetic interference to the air-to-ground early warning radar within a particular area and cover the carrier aircraft to perform various aerial tasks. “Scorpius “-T is mainly used for training evaluation and system testing, simulating a variety of land-based threats, building a complex electromagnetic environment, and providing pilots with electronic warfare training conditions.

At the moment, the system branches into three different components, capable of blocking both air and ground threats:

  • Scorpius-g:
    Ground-based EW system designed to detect and interrupt ground and air threats
  • Scorpius-N:
    Ew system dedicated to the defense of ships against advanced threats in the marine arena
  • Scorpius sp:
    self-protection system for fighter aircraft

Scorpius has the following substantial advantages.

Multi-beam, multi-interference technology

The latest iteration of the Scorpius system is based on active electronically scanned array technology. It can take advantage of its various advantages to provide Israel Aerospace (IAI) proclaimed new soft-kill capability for land and sea combat. The system can carry out highly accurate electronic attacks on multiple targets simultaneously and act as auxiliary sensors and even communication nodes, that is, to realize the integration of radar, communication, and electronic warfare. The application of this technology makes the “Scorpius ” system easy to expand. Once the scale of the war grows, the system can provide a circular electronic defense dome in a larger area, “through this system, dozens of targets in the sky can be detected. Anything that happens, even a few hundred targets, and sending dedicated narrow jamming beams to each target.”

High sensitivity and high adequate radiation power

The system uses AESA and Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solid State Amplifiers (SSAs) based on advanced innovations. Innovative design applications provide extremely high receiver sensitivity and adequate radiated power (ERP) delivery, exceeding previous electronic warfare system solutions. The enhanced sensitivity and ERP enable the Scorpio system to detect, distort and weaken enemy radars through side lobes, thereby significantly increasing the jamming efficiency of the system.
Third, intelligence has been dramatically improved.

The system uses the intelligent jamming technology of radio frequency memory (DRFM). Applying DRFM technology improves the performance of a new generation of electronic countermeasures equipment. Modern radars, such as Radar (SAR), provide potent means. The system can continuously intercept, track, and jam nearly all types of radar and communication systems and directly displays the Electronic Order of Battle (EOB). Jammers are driven by pre-programmed Mission Definition Files and can operate automatically or under direct operator control.

On the future battlefield, protecting one’s use of the electromagnetic domain while preventing the other party from using the electromagnetic domain has become the key to ensuring that troops gain advantages in this domain and affect the outcome of wars. The Israeli “Scorpius ” electronic warfare system is technically compatible. It provides a direction for developing electronic warfare systems in other countries.

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