Israel’s air superiority clouded by Russian S-400 in Syria

The Russian S-400 air defence system has helped the Syrian air defence forces avoid mistakenly shooting down a civilian plane, after being entangled by an Israeli fighter.

Israeli fighters in an attempt to enter Syrian airspace from the direction of Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean Sea trapped the host country’s air defences by hiding behind three civilian planes.

However, thanks to the excellent performance of the radar of the Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile complex, the tragedy did not happen.

Syrian state news agency SANA added that Israeli warplanes carried out new missile strikes in Syrian territory at dawn on August 20. Most of the missiles were successfully destroyed. During their raid, Israeli fighters hid behind civilian planes flying over Syria, Lebanon.

This is not the first time that the Israeli side has used such a tactic, there have been many times that the Syrian government army accused the Tel Aviv warplane of deliberately using civilian aircraft as a shield.

A few weeks ago, the press learned that the Syrian army was able to successfully repel 13 of the 14 missiles fired, with the help of S-400 Due to Israel’s actions, Beirut International Airport was forced to shut down.

It is known that this was the third Israeli attack within a few days on Syrian territory. In the previous two raids, Tel Aviv once used artillery, causing an unpleasant surprise for both Moscow and Damascus.
It seems that the Israeli government is taking advantage of the time the world is paying attention to what is happening in Afghanistan to take advantage of large-scale attacks against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on Syrian land.

Tel Aviv still insists it will do everything to force Iranian soldiers as well as pro-Tehran militias to withdraw, and warned the Damascus government that if they do not comply with their request, they will be involved.

Russia has always made a very tough statement that it would support its Syrian ally by directly shooting down missiles, even destroying Israeli aircraft.
But the reality shows that Moscow is still trying to restrain, they only use their air defence radar to warn the Syrian Army of especially dangerous situations.

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