Italian prime minister personally instructed to transfer air defense, and 5 countries are ready to transfer leopard Tanks to Ukraine.

Italy will provide Ukraine with long-range SAMP-T air defense systems.

Following the delivery of Patriot air defense systems, which are long-range air defense systems, to Ukraine, it became known that Italy would also provide its long-range air defense systems to Ukraine. 

As it turned out, Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni personally instructed Ukraine to provide these anti-aircraft missile systems with a range of up to 100 kilometers.

It is now known that Italy will transfer one air defense system battery to Ukraine SAMP-T from the warehouses of the Italian army. Italy cannot provide more air defense systems because this country has only five batteries of these air defense systems in service.

It is known that the SAMP-T SAM battery transferred to Ukraine includes four launchers. The effectiveness of these air defense systems has not yet been tested.

However, in Italy and France, such air defense systems are considered highly effective since, during development, they were tested both on small targets and on stealth ones, including stealth aircraft.

When exactly the deliveries occur is unknown; however, according to preliminary data, we are talking about May 2023.

Five countries are ready to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine spoke about the negotiations on supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

During the negotiations between Ukraine and Western countries, it became known that five countries have expressed a desire to provide Ukraine with heavy NATO tanks Leopard 2.

 Kuleba did not name the suppliers of tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, among such countries are Spain, Poland, Finland, and two more unnamed countries – according to several assumptions, we are talking about Germany and Denmark.

At the moment, the total volume of tanks that the announced countries can transfer to Ukraine is not called; however, we are probably talking about at least 100 combat vehicles; moreover, Spain and Germany, which have the largest number of Leopard 2A4 tanks in service, can become key suppliers.

Experts fear that the transfer of a large number of Western tanks to Ukraine could seriously aggravate the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, it was previously reported that the West could transfer about 500 Western-style tanks to Ukraine, while there is evidence that about 50 more T-72 tanks can be transferred to Ukraine by the Czech Republic.


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