Konkurs Anti-tank Missiles in the hands of Russian tank hunting teams are delivering heavy damages to Ukraine Army

The 9M113 Konkurs anti-tank missile is currently one of Russia’s main anti-tank weapons which is being used in the conflict in Ukraine. This weapon deals a lot of damage to the enemy.

The 9M113 Konkurs Anti-tank guided missile are being used by the Russian Army in very large numbers on the Ukrainian Battlefield.

This weapon is used by the Russian Army by being mounted on armoured vehicles and also being used by tank hunting teams of Russia.

The Russian Tank hunting teams are usually made up of 3-4 soldiers, they ambush at the edges of the forests and other hiding positions, and attack enemy armoured vehicles.

Russian Tank Hunting teams has destroyed hundreds of Ukrainian Army Armed Vehicles by laying proper and effective ambushes.

In order to increase combat efficiency, multiple launchers of this ATGM are fired at the same time towards the enemy positions. 

The 9M113 Konkurs Anti-tank Missile is a battle proven weapon system manufactured by the Soviet Union. These missiles uses Semi-automatic command to Line of Sight system.

This anti-tank weapon was first tested in 1962 and entered into active service with the Soviet Army in 1974.

Initially, this missile designers planned to equip the ATGM on armoured vehicles such as BMP-2 and BRDM-2. Later the missile was improved by adding man portable launchers.

At the time of its birth, this missile was considered to have similar features like other French and Italian anti-tank missiles such as the HOT and MILAN, but this russian missile was more compact and versatile.

Later when battle tanks passive defence systems were improved by adding explosive reactive armor, the Konkurs ATGM was also improved by adding a tandem-warhead.

This ATGM can be used for multi-role purposes such as anti-tank, anti-armour, etc. It can easily destroy enemy bunkers and other fortifications from long distances.

It is reported that the Ukrainian Army also has good stocks of this ATGM, and they have used this weapon against the Russian Forces.

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