Korean most advanced submarines have been attacked by hackers

The design data of South Korea’s Dosan Ahn Chang-ho (KSS-III) class non-nuclear submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles has been hacked and stolen by a group of hackers.

A group of hackers believed to originate from North Korea hacked the computer system of DSME Corporation, South Korea’s largest submarine-building company, stealing sensitive data including the super-modern KSS submarine. -III.

The Dosan Ahn Changho-class diesel-electric attack submarine (KSS-III) is the next generation of submarines under construction in South Korea, which is expected to enhance defense and deterrence capabilities. threat to the Korean Navy.

The KSS-III program is expected to build 9 new submarines in 3 phases, each phase will have improvements and upgrades in line with reality. The first batch is called Batch-I with 2 ships built by DSME, the third one is built by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

Batch-II consists of 3 ships with some design changes compared to Batch-I. The remaining 3 ships of Batch-III will be updated with the latest advanced technologies.

Korea has invested a large budget for the KSS-III, Batch-I project since 2009. The Korean Ministry of Defense awarded the first contract of 2 ships to DSME in December 2012. The third batch of Batch-I was delivered to HHI in November 2016.

It is expected that in 2029 the entire project with 9 modern submarines will be completed and put into service to increase the strength of the Korean navy.

KSS-III submarine has a length of 83.3 m, a width of 9.6 m, a draft of 7.6 m, displacement of 3,000 tons when floating, 3,800 tons when submerged. The ships of Batch-II have a submerged displacement of 4,200 tons. Crew of 50 people.

KSS-III is the world’s first non-nuclear submarine equipped with a new generation of electro-optical surveillance masts, replacing the traditional periscope.

Sensors on submarines include continuous active sonar (CAS) and passive flank array sonar to detect, classify and identify targets.
The inside of the train is equipped with a range of modern features, such as autopilot, semi-automatic or manual mode.

The KSS-III is equipped with an open source battle management system developed by Hanwha Corporation that allows for easy upgrade later.

In addition, the ship is also equipped with a signal intelligence system SIGINT, an infrared system for secret communication and a highly secure tactical data link link 11.

The ship is equipped with a new generation of diesel propulsion system and battery that allows continuous operation under water for a long time. The KSS-III can stay underwater for up to 20 days, a new record for a non-nuclear submarine.

In terms of armament, the ship is equipped with 8 533 mm torpedo tubes and 6 vertical launch tubes (VLS) that can launch ground attack cruise missiles or ballistic missiles.

Analysts said that hackers suspected of coming from North Korea targeted South Korea’s KSS-III submarine program because this submarine has many outstanding features, they will become the core of the submarine’s power. this country

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