Massive explosions at Pakistan Army ammunition depot in Sialkot

In PakistanPunjabMassive explosions took place in the province. Large-scale fires broke out in an arms depot at the Sialkot military base.

The sounds of explosions were heard in a row .. As the firecrackers were blown to touch the sky … The people of Sialkot city trembled with fear. Now those videos have gone viral on social media. “A series of blasts took place at the Sialkot military base in northern Pakistan. Preliminary information was received that explosions had taken place in the ammunition storage area. Large-scale fires spread. The cause of the accident is yet to be ascertained, “tweeted The Daily Milap Edir Rishi Suri.

The ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations) has revealed that an accidental short circuit took place in the arms depot at Sialkot Air Base. No casualties were reported and crews responded to the blaze.

Explosions at a military weapons depot have become a hot topic in Pakistan at a time of political crisis. According to some local media outlets, the Pakistan Army is testing an air-to-air missile PL-15. Information that it completely failed. Some say the missile went completely out of control after its release from the J10-C fighter jet. It is believed that the bombs stored there exploded when it fell on an armory in Sialkot. Several videos of the incident were posted by Pakistani citizens on social media.

Sialkot Cantonment … the oldest, most important PakistaniArmyOne of the bases. It is adjacent to the city of Sialkot. It was conquered by the British in 1852Indian ArmyEstablished. The incident comes at a time when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently struggling to defend his government. Two opposition parties have introduced a no-confidence motion against his government in the country’s parliament. Moreover, Imran Khan is facing an uprising within his own ruling coalition. On March 8, 100 MPs from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) introduced a no-confidence motion in front of the National Assembly Secretariat. Voting on the no-confidence motion will take place on March 28. In Pakistan’s 342 – member parliament, 172 people voted against Imran Khan, prompting him to resign as prime minister.

Sialkot District Police Officer (DPO) Omar Saeed Malik told Urdu News that a fire broke out at a depot in the cantonment area this morning after which the blasts took place. He added that security personnel had cordoned off the area after the blasts and no casualties had been reported so far. On the other hand, according to Pakistan Army ISPR, a fire broke out in an ammunition shed due to short circuit near Sialkot cantonment


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