MORANA 155/52mm: The new self-propelled artillery system from the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a long tradition in the development and production of tube artillery systems, with products such as the DANA SPH and ZUZANA 152mm wheeled self-propelled systems. The Excalibur Army company has presented at Eurosatory 2022, its latest development, the MORANA SPH system in caliber 155mm L 52, which is characterized by having a turret with a fully autonomous weapon loading and firing system, operated from the vehicle cabin by their crew. With a capacity of 40 rounds and a propellant charge, a range of 41 km can be obtained. The platform is a Tatra 8×8 truck with a range of 800 km. As a secondary weapon, it has a 12.7mm machine gun installed in another autonomous tower (WRS).

The Czech company Excalibur Army presented Eurosatory 2022 its latest development at the arms exhibition in Paris – futuristic 155-mm MORANA SPH, successor to the 152-mm SpGH DANA, which is already helping the Armed Forces to destroy the ruscists.

MORANA SPH is a further development of the ideas underlying the previous development of Excalibur Army 155-mm DITA SPH, which the company presented in January 2021 at IDEX 2021. Interestingly, this is the fifth 155-mm modification of the very successful Czechoslovak 152-mm DANA SPH from Czech and Slovak gunsmiths. Count for yourself: Slovak ZUZANA, ZUZANA 2 and A40 HIMALAYA,Czech DITA and MORANA. At the same time having one basis, one caliber and one purpose, howitzers turned out even visually different.

MORANA SPH differs from all other SPH in the list with its layout. The artillery turret is located very unusually, behind, and the engine – on the contrary, in the middle of the vehicle. MORANA uses a Tatra T815 8×8 wheeled chassis with an armored crew cabin. The crew is 3 people with an optional seat for the fourth crew member, who can perform “additional functions”. Most likely it is about, as in the case of the tank Panther KF51, about the control of electronic reconnaissance and targeting systems, possibly UAV control, etc.

MORANA is equipped with a NATO gun of 155 mm caliber, which has a barrel length of 52 calibers, providing a range of up to 41 kilometers. Ammunition – 40 shells, fully automatic loading. Normal rate of fire – 6 shots per minute. Secondary armament – a 12.7 mm machine gun in a remote-controlled Guardian Secutor module.


Interestingly, although the MORANA turret is completely unmanned, and the crew sits separately in the armored cabin in front. The tower has windows, at least in the photo. In addition, there is information that this turret can be installed not only on a wheeled chassis but also on a tracked chassis.

MORANA SPH has just been announced, so no information about the possible start of serial construction or the cost of the howitzer has not yet been provided.


Caliber – 155 mm
Barrel length – 52 calibers
Ammunition – 40 shells/40 charges
Maximum range – 41 km
Shooting rate – 6 shots per minute
Charging of shells and charges – fully automatic
Crew – 3-4 people
Chassis – modified TATRA 8×8

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