More than 500 tanks were destroyed by half of the original Russian tanks, and 9,000 tanks and military vehicles were captured by the Ukrainian Army 

According to CNN, Oryx has been collecting video and image evidence of the loss of military equipment on both sides since the war. The organization said this week that it had verified that 1,000 tanks lost in the war belonged to the Russian army. In addition, 544 Russian tanks were seized by the Ukrainian army, 79 were damaged and 65 were abandoned.

Jakubyanovsky, a military analyst who contributed to Oryx, pointed out that this figure does not include the loss of tanks that Oryx failed to confirm visually. He estimated that the actual loss of the Russian army may be closer to 2,000 tanks. “At the beginning of the war, Russia had about 4,000 operational tanks, so it is very likely that Russia has lost half of its operational tanks now,” Yanovsky said.

Not only that, analysts have noticed a fatal design flaw of Russian tanks since the beginning of the war, that is, a single anti-tank shell fired can detonate the ammunition depot inside the tank, causing an internal explosion known as “detonation”. explode. The report also pointed out that the Russian army may have to use inferior sensors and other electronic equipment to manufacture tanks under international sanctions. Even if the production is successful, it can only replace a small part of the losses.

In contrast, Ukraine has lost 459 tanks, according to statistics, but a total of more than 500 tanks have been seized from Russia alone, and international aid has been continuously shipped to Ukraine. These tanks aided by the West are considered to have more advanced technology than those currently in Russia. .

Military experts pointed out that Russian tanks and other armored vehicles were not well maintained before the war, and parts of some stock tanks may have been removed and dismantled to ensure that those tanks sent to the front line can operate normally.

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