Nation Security Guard(NSG) of India in Pictures

NSG sniper with arrett M98B (.338LM)
NSG sniper with arrett M98B (.338LM)

NSG hand to hand combat
Hand to hand combat

National security guard (NSG)
NSG With H&K MP5-A5 & MP5-SD3 With Zeiss Red Dot Sights
NSG commandos with K9 unit
NSG with SIG SAUER MPX (9x19mm) with Romeo Sight Belgian Malinois k9 dog
Msg commandos
NSG Commandos from 51 Special Action Group (SAG) at NSG Manesar Training Centre With FN P90 & SIG SAUER MPX

Msg commandos
NSG SAG With FN F2000, SIG SAUER MPX & FN P90 High Cut Ballistic Helmets + Monocular NVGs

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