Negotiations failed between India and China, 200 PLA Soldiers Were Detained By Indian Army

200 Chinese soldiers were detained by the Indian Army during the recent Sino-Indian border clash, China retaliated by releasing photo of Galwan valley clash in 2020 claiming that India was conducting an operation.

On 12th october, Eurasiantimes reported that military negotiations between arch-rivals India and China Failed, while 200 PLA army soldiers were detained by the Indian army in Arunachal Pradesh when they were trying to Infiltrate Indian teritory.

While Chinese Govt news portal Global Times has published an editorial “China and India failing to reach an agreement during their latest round of corps commander-level talks showed China’s subtle change of attitude toward India, and the country’s staunch determination to protect its territorial and sovereign integrity”.

The 13th round of military commander-level talks held on October 11 at Moldo on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) did not yield results. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) refused to address de-escalation in three core areas of contention: Hot Springs, Depsang Bulge, and Charding Nullah Junction.

Picture realesed by Global Times of Galwan valley clash
Picture realesed by Global Times of Galwan valley clash

The information from the various media indicates that the border tension is the result of China’s unilateral assertion of territorial claims and efforts to change the status quo of the LAC, and at the same time does not comply with the bilateral agreements that the two sides have signed previously. Currently, the PLA builds large infrastructure for the Chinese military forces along the LAC.

The response from India was similar. Despite the scheduled withdrawal from Pangong Tso Lake in eastern Ladakh, both sides continue to maintain between 50,000 and 60,000 soldiers and many modern weapons from tanks to fighter aircrafts near the border.

About 10 days ago, India reported the PLA’s entry into Arunachal Pradesh, resulting in a minor confrontation. The situation was quickly resolved when military commanders on both sides intervened. Previously, on August 30, 2021, more than 100 PLA ​​soldiers crossed the LAC to enter the Barahoti area of ​​India.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Chinese Army, Lieutenant Colonel Long Thieu Hoa, said that the Indian side should abide by the relevant agreements and consensus reached between the two countries and the two militaries, showing sincerity. and take concrete actions to jointly protect peace and stability in the border area with China.

China’s Global Times published an article accusing New Delhi of violating the LAC by claiming that the Indian Army had unlawfully obstructed a Chinese patrol in the area and said, New Delhi has spread rumors in the media that PLA soldiers have been captured by India.

Global Times also “frankly pointed out” that: New Delhi did not learn from the previous Galwan conflict, referring to the bloody confrontation that left 20 Indian soldiers dead and wounded; more than the four PLA soldiers who were killed in the duel.

The Hoan Times self-identified that Beijing has shown a “relatively calm” attitude and continues to insist on showing restraint over such “rumor-mongering”; China, however, does not tolerate slander.

The Global Times accused India of “slander” by saying that the Indian Army detained 200 PLA ​​soldiers during a recent confrontation in India’s Arunachal Pradesh. Globally, it is absolutely impossible that the Indian side “arrests Chinese soldiers”.

But an Indian source confirmed to the EurAsian Times and said that the Indian Army had “temporarily detained” 200 PLA ​​soldiers, before releasing them on “diplomatic request”. The source also said that the army of the country has become “tougher”, since the clash in the Galwan Valley in June 2020.

Military commentator Manan Bhatt of EurAsian Times offers a different opinion: “The incident at Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) in the area east of the LAC line, where a sizable patrol group consisted of about 200 soldiers. PLA, was captured by the Indian Army and detained in India for several hours; and was released only after negotiations.

China released images of injured Indian soldiers
China released images of injured Indian soldiers

In retaliation, the Global Times posted a photo called “The Humiliation at Tawang”, which featured several photos of injured Indian men being tortured. But after analysing the picture by Defence View we found the picture was from the Galwan incident last year not the recent one.

A week after publishing the photos known as “The Humiliation at Tawang,” Global Times continued to publish an editorial titled “The Indian Army learned nothing from last year’s clash,” with tough content, based on intentionally released photos

In response, India claims, China’s military deployment along the LAC, has been met with equally vigorous construction on our part. The powerful Indian army showed wise determination and every move of the PLA was foreseen and prevented by India.

Military commentator Manan Bhatt said: “The 13th round of military-level talks in Moldo has shown the diplomatic strength of the Indian Army. China’s familiar blame game and defeat is obvious… The Indian army, as the only force now, can stop China.”

The author and military analyst, Colonel Vinay Dalvi of India said: “China is currently embroiled in more than a dozen land and sea disputes of various sizes with about 17 countries. Any “muscle show” by China today can be seen as an act of aggression.”

Currently, the conflict between India and China on the Sino-Indian border is unlikely in the near future. China’s current strategy and concerns are towards the Indo-Pacific region, especially the Taiwan Strait area; Colonel Vinay Dalvi added

However, Dalvi also affirmed that India or any other country must have a realistic assessment of China, when China’s position and power were far different as in the Sino-Indian war in 1962.

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