Newest Russian air defence system with a hypersonic missile

The newest Russian anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense complex, received a heavy anti-aircraft missile.

The Russian military officially presented their latest anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system with light and heavy anti-aircraft missiles at an international exhibition. According to it is designed to destroy aerodynamic and ballistic targets at distances of up to 150 kilometers at a maximum target speed of 5 MAX, while a heavy interceptor missile is capable of developing hypersonic speed and hitting targets at a distance of up to 340 kilometers with a maximum speed of a moving target of 7.6 MAX.

We are talking about the Antey-4000 complex, which perfectly complements the S-300 Favorit and S-400 Triumph air defense systems family, in fact, being the latter’s “younger brother”, but having a much lower cost and being invulnerable to US sanctions.

Earlier there was information that the Antey-4000 complexes could be tested in Syria, while the ability to detect missiles and aircraft systems of the complex were tested, although there is no official confirmation of this.

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