North Korean leader orders military to expand drills.

Kim Jong-un has ordered the North Korean military to increase the scope and intensity of their drills in an effort to increase their battle readiness.

North Korean officials and Kim Jong-un “addressed significant political and military tasks in 2023 and issues on the direction of military construction” during a Central Military Commission meeting on February 6.

“Studies and talks set out a number of tasks to continuously extend and strengthen the operation and combat drills of the North Korean army to cope with the current circumstances and further improve the capabilities of the Korean People’s Army,” the North Korean news agency KCNA stated.

North Korea vowed to turn the peninsula into a “vast armory of weapons and a war zone” after US and allied exercises on February 2, which it said crossed a “extreme red line.”

North Korea’s foreign ministry criticized US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s trip to South Korea the same day, saying Pyongyang isn’t interested in talks as long as Washington maintains its hostile policies.

Last week, Minister Austin and his South Korean counterpart made public an agreement to increase the frequency and scope of cooperative drills. The United States would likely send more “strategic assets” like aircraft carriers and long-range bombers to deal with the danger. The weaponry development in North Korea.

Mr. Austin, while in the Philippines, was asked about the tensions on the Korean peninsula. He said that the United States’ purpose is “to promote security and stability” and that the country is dedicated to defending South Korea.

Increased tensions on the Korean peninsula are a direct result of the parties’ recent military actions. The US, South Korea, and Japan last year performed large-scale drills. As a result, North Korea conducted a series of weapons tests, including an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

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